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What Happens If I Choose Not To Accept Your Cookies?

What happens if I say 'no' to allowing cookies in my browser?
Will the site still work?

The website will still work and you will be able to get the information you need from the site. But some features including online purchasing may not be available.

What is the impact for Econowall?

If you decline cookies then we will not be able to count your site usage in the statistics that we gather about use of the site.

We use Google Analytics to count the number of people who use the site and to analyse how they use it. We do this to make sure that our sites are as good as they can be and this is the primary evidence we use when trying to improve what we offer to users.
If you decline cookies then your site usage won't be counted and measured in this way so we won't be able to take your actions into account when analysing data and seeking to improve our service based on that analysis.


Online Payment

We only hold records of delivery addresses and contact names, none of you financial details are stored or held on file by Econowall
We use SagePay all of our online transactions. This is a very secure way to pay online


Econowall  have adopted the following privacy policy as part of our commitment to protect any personal information which you may provide to us through this website or by any other means.

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If you have any questions or wish to have any Personal Information edited or deleted, please contact us on the address below:

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