Price Matching

We price match slatwall

Seen a cheaper price for a product elsewhere?

It's right to shop around for products you are looking to buy. 
We monitor our prices daily against our competitors to make sure we are offering our customers the best possible value.
As we are a manufacturer of Slatwall we know we can offer the best value Slat Panels you will find, and this is backed up by our excellent customer service experience.

Products We Guarantee To Price Match:*

  • Standard Slatwall Panels
  • Slatwall Insert Profile
  • Slatwall Pro Trims



If you see any of our other products cheaper for sale somewhere else, let us know and we always do our best to price match everything we sell.**


Price match only valid before purchase. 
* Competitors product must be in stock and available to buy online, or written quotation must be provided. Competitors Slatwall Panels must be UK manufactured and European MDF. We Cannot match prices for lower quality Chinese Slatwall Panels
** We cannot guarantee to price match non-slatwall items, although we do our best to try.