Pink Slatwall Inserts

Pink Slatwall Inserts
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Product Information

Pink Slatwall Inserts


  • Each pack contains 23 Slatwall Inserts at 1200mm long
  • Manufactured in the UK from PVC
  • Compatible with with all of our Slatwall Panels
  • May Also Fit Other Slatwall Panels, Great For Changing The Look Of Your Exisiting Displays


How Many Inserts Do I Need For My Slatwall Panels?

2400x1200mm (8x4) Panels: 1200x1200mm (4x4) Panels:
  • 100mm Slot Spacing (Our Standard Type) - 1 Pack Per Panel Required
  • 75mm Slot Spacing - 1.5 Packs Per Panel Required
  • 50mm Slot Spacing - 2 Packs Per Panel Required
0.5 Packs Per Panel Required

What Are Slatwall Inserts For:

Slatwall Inserts fit inside the slot of your slatwall panels. The slots in the panels are milled from MDF so we advise lining the slots with our inserts. This will add strength, help your hooks, arms or accessories fit better and also inprove the appearance of your slatwall display.

If you are using your Slatwall to display general items and nothing really heavy you will be ok to use PVC inserts, for heavy duty use or if you are looking for a premium finish you should use Aluminium ones.

Installing Slatwall Inserts

The easy way to think about this is to get your Slatwall panels mounted on your wall, then take a piece of insert, line it up with a slot and push with your thumbs, it simply clicks in to place.
We also do an Aluminium ‘T’ Section Insert. This is our strongest one and would need to be inserted into your Slatwall panels by sliding it in from the side, this is probably best done before mounting your panels on the wall.



Slatwall Delivery Information 

Product Code INPVC120005P23
Manufacturer Econowall
Condition New