Installing Slatwall

Slatwall is one of the most popular products used for retail display.
It’ very easy to install and you can use it to display almost any kind of product from clothing to magazines.

On this page we are looking to provide you with a little more information on how to install and how to get the best from your Slatwall displays.

Slatwall Panels are manufactured from 18mm thick Melamine faced MDF. This type of material is used because 18mm MDF is very strong. Having a Melamine faced product is also better than say a real wood veneer because it is much cheaper, much more durable and is wipe clean.

Slatwall Panels are available in two different sizes. 1200x1200mm Slatwall Panels are great if you only need a couple of panels or are installing them yourself. They are easier to work with as they are half the size and half the weight of the larger panels. Each panel in this size has 12 slots, so you would need one pack of our Slatwall Inserts per panel. 
2400x1200mm Slatwall Panelsare the standard size. you can choose whether you want your panels 2400mm high (Portrait orientation) or 2400mm wide (Landscape Orientation). If you have your panels as 2400mm high then each panel will has 23 slots, if you have them 2400mm wide then each panel will have 12 slots. Either way round you have them you will 2 x pack of our Slatwall Inserts per panel.

We only use high quality European contract grade MDF, some Slatwall suppliers now use the lower quality imported Chinese MDF. While being slightly cheaper Chinese MDF is not as strong or long lasting as European. 
A Slatwall installation can be a major project for a shop so we feel that our customers should be provided with nothing but the best quality products.


Slatwall Delivery Slatwall Panels and Melamine faced MDF are delivered on a pallet. The driver will aid in getting them from his vehicle but you should have someone with you to help carry them inside your building. Due to the size and weight we do advise it to be a two person job.
When storing your Slatwall Panels and Melamine Faced Mdf Boards, you should always lay them flat in a dry place. Also try not to slide them over each other as it is possible to scratch the surface finish.



Slatwall InstallationIf you have perfectly flat walls that are solid it is ok to fix your Slatwall Panels directly to the wall.
Simply drill through the slots of the Slatwall Panel and use long screws and raw plugs just as you would if you were installing plaster boards. Fixing screws through the slots in your Slatwall Panels means that once you have fitted your Slatwall Inserts they will hide the screw heads and you will be left with a very professional looking installation.

Please make sure the surface you are fixing your Slatwall Panels too is dry and free from damp. Moisture can damage MDF panels from the rear.

You may find it easier to fix your Slatwall Panels to a wall using battens, joining Slatwall Panels at a batten ensures your panels run true and you don’t have any stepped or jutting joins.
You should fix battens to your wall first at 600mm spaces, this means that each panel would be supported by three battens. If you are going to be using your Slatwall Panels to display heavy items, you might want to think about having the battens at 300mm spaces, this would mean each panel is supported by four battens.
When using battens, fix the panels to them using the same method as mentioned above, drill through the slots of the Slatwall Panel so that once you install your Slatwall Inserts the screw heads are hidden.

If you need to trim a panel to fit, this is easily done using normal wood-working power tools, but we suggest that only trim the last panel in a run, this will give a much more professional looking installation. You should also cut from the rear of the panel this will help avoid damaging the face of the panel too much.

Slatwall Uses:

Christmas Slatwall DisplaySlatwall is probably the most versatile of all retail display systems. The accessories available are pretty much endless. Our ranges of Slatwall Accessories are carefully chosen by us to allow us to offer you a full range, but also high quality long-lasting products.

MDF Shelves are one of the popular accessory used with Slatwall Panels. They are manufactured from the same material as our panels so you can be assured of a perfect colour match. Our Slatwall Shelves are also edged all round to match, they are very strong and durable. Slatwall Shelf Brackets are sold seperatly, you will find them in our Metal Slatwall Accessories Page.

We have a whole range of Slatwall Accessories available to help you display clothing in your shop. There are many different types of arms and rails available allowing to be really creative and create the perfect display for your shop. Have a look in our Metal Slatwall Accessory section