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How to Install Slatwall Panels

If you have perfectly flat walls that are solid it is ok to fix your Slatwall Panels directly to the wall.
Simply drill through the slots of the Slatwall Panel and use long screws and raw plugs just as you would if you were installing plaster boards. Fixing screws through the slots in your Slatwall Panels means that once you have fitted your Slatwall Inserts they will hide the screw heads and you will be left with a very professional looking installation.

Please make sure the surface you are fixing your Slatwall Panels too is dry and free from damp. Moisture can damage MDF panels from the rear.

You may find it easier to fix your Slatwall Panels to a wall using battens, joining Slatwall Panels at a batten ensures your panels run true and you don’t have any stepped or jutting joins.
You should fix battens to your wall first at 600mm spaces, this means that each panel would be supported by three battens. If you are going to be using your Slatwall Panels to display heavy items, you might want to think about having the battens at 300mm spaces, this would mean each panel is supported by four battens.
When using battens, fix the panels to them using the same method as mentioned above, drill through the slots of the Slatwall Panel so that once you install your Slatwall Inserts the screw heads are hidden.

If you need to trim a panel to fit, this is easily done using normal wood-working power tools, but we suggest that only trim the last panel in a run, this will give a much more professional looking installation. You should also cut from the rear of the panel this will help avoid damaging the face of the panel too much.