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The Advantages of Chrome Wire Shelving


Chrome wire shelving is an affordable option for shop owners who are in need of durable display racks for their stock. They are an especially ideal choice for new shop owners, who do not have a great deal of money to spend on display shelving, because they are not overly expensive, yet they do not look cheap. There are many sizes of chrome wire shelves available, so shop owners can select that one works best for them and their business.

The best part about chrome wire shelving is that it is sleek and attractive even though it is quite basic. The shelves themselves are compact and are able to hold many items in an organised and easy to view fashion. They make it simple and spatially economical to display large numbers of items in a smaller area. Plus, there can be room for many different sections and displays with the compact shape of these shelving units.

The chrome finish of the shelving units is created by combining chromium into a coating mixture and then applying it to the metal base. This electroplating process creates an extremely thin coating that is strong enough to provide the benefits of chrome to the coated object. Chrome is much shinier that stainless steel, but it is not as expensive as stainless steel. Chrome plating increases the durability of the shelving units because it helps to prevent rust and damage.

Chrome wire shelving is strong enough to hold heavy items without failing, unlike many other types of shelving including wood shelving and heavy gauge plastic shelving. This shelving is ideal for shops because it can be assembled quickly, and this makes for displays that are easy to set up. This kind of shelving is also safe for use in medical environments and the food service industry. The shelves are extremely easy to clean, and they continue to look nice for many years without sustaining any kind of damage from items being stored on them.

This style of shelving is extremely popular with modern shop owners for a variety of reasons. The shelving works well for pet shops, stationers, footwear shops, cook shops, clothing shops, and clearance item displays. It is up to the individual shop owner to decide how he or she will utilise chrome wire shelving and how many displays are needed. The end result is that once the shelving is in place, it is there to stay for many years into the future.

If your shop needs some kind of shelving that will save space, look attractive, be durable, and not break the bank, then chrome wire shelving is definitely the type of shelving that you should consider. The starting point would be to measure around your shop and determine how many shelving units are needed. Once you have settled on a number, then all you will need to do is order the chrome wire shelving. It will be delivered to your shop on a pallet (if you order many units), and you can easily assemble them. It is highly likely that you can have them ready to go for placing items on by the end of the day.

Creative Ideas to Decorate Slatwall

The slatwall fixture system has influenced how merchants across the globe display accessories, gifts, and other items for sale. It is a highly adaptable wall system, but it can also be challenging to use when an aesthetically pleasing display is the goal. Many store owners do not know how to make the most out of their slatwall system. When this happens, store displays can begin to look boring, uninspired, and like every other store’s.


Installing slatwall to the ceiling fulfils more of a functional purpose than a decorative one, with the continuous repetition of horizontal lines can distract consumers from the merchandise. Retailers who have already installed slatwall are often dissatisfied with the colour of their older pieces, which can begin to look old and worn out. If you have laminated slatwall, it is probably not worth the effort to paint it, since the paint will still scratch and chip off easily if you change or slide the brackets from side to side regularly.

So, here are a few ideas to restore slatwall creatively in your store while maintaining its flexibility:

1. Cover the parts you don’t use
If your slatwall extends to the ceiling, the portion above the top shelf is redundant. So, you can cut lengths of board to fill the blank area, and then cover the boards with a solid coloured fabric. Alternatively, you can use coloured boards to fit the gap so you don’t have to use any material cover on them afterwards. Possible materials for coloured boards include foamcore and homasote boards, sintra, cellox, or corrugated cardboard.

2. Cover the area with wood shingles
To create a more outdoor look, you might use wood shingles instead of the materials mentioned above. To match your room decor, you can simply stain them and then apply them to your slatwall. For permanent application on slatwall, use a hot glue gun. Industrial sticky Velcro strips or dots can also be used if you want some flexibility and freedom to move them around. That said, it can be difficult to remove sticky Velcro from slatwall, though you can use a palette knife and an adhesive remover like Goo Gone.

3. Frame it out
You can use decorative moulding all around the slatwall to enhance its appearance. Paint or stain the moulding so it matches your store’s decor. The slatwall can become a great “colour spot” to blend in colours from another store section, or even a display table placed in front of the wall.

4. Frame it with chalkboard
You can provide a chalkboard and bags of chalk placed beside on either side so children can play around with the board. You can also create your own messages on the space above the merchandise, though your note should be professional, legible, and well written, just like any other signage. For this, you can choose between real slate and painted Masonite board chalkboard with a wooden frame.

Slatwall is not just for displaying merchandise. You can be more creative with it so you enjoy the convenience it offers while creating a lovely, custom look for your store. While this may take a bit more effort, creativity, and cash, it should be well worth it.

10 hints and tips for organising your shed/ garage

In the cold months, you don’t want to spend any more time than you have to trying to search through the clutter to find what you need. That’s why when the cold weather passes, you should take the time to tackle the behemoth of winter equipment and maximise the storage space in your garage. Here are some DIY tips you can use to getting the most out of your garage space.


Store footballs and children’s sports toys using bungee cords

Similar to how you can pick up a ball in a toy shop, you can create an easy access solution to accessing your ball collection by creating a box shape with the cords being vertical to hold them in place and held at the top and bottom by two square pieces of wood.

Separate you garage into areas

Keep your sports equipment, gardening tools, power tool, and children’s toys in different areas to keep things organised so they don’t overlap each other either.

Install Slatwall Panels

Slatwall panels can be attached easily to any wall in the garage which can then be used to slide in hooks and shelves to keep everything tidy. They can be re arranged afterwards as much as you like, and you can put anything on them if you have the right hook or shelf for it.

Keep things off of the floor

Think of a storage system/ shelving system which avoids touching the floor. The floor is for your feet. If you are extremely efficient you might be able to fit your car in their too.

Keep your wheelbarrow on the wall

By having the wheelbarrow braced up against the wall, you can free up lots of space which these things hog a lot of. A screw hook can be used to hold the wheelbarrow in place and turned to release it when needed.

Use an old cabinet for storage

You can keep your garden tools organised by using an old filing cabinet or bookshelf which will take up some floor space but already has the shelves, so it’s easy to erect. Think twice before throwing out your old bookshelves.

Screw organisation

Keep your screws and small accessories organised by gluing small storage lids to the underside of a cabinet and unscrewing the tubs they belong with so the tubs detach from the underside in your hand and you have all your screws available without taking up drawer or shelf space.

Hide any clutter in storage bins

Cube shaped storage units are ideal for hiding away boots that are rarely used, such as wellies or steel toecaps, or miscellaneous items that otherwise clutter the place and don’t have their own area.


Build a Bike Rack

Bikes can be a nightmare to store, so build a bike rack, similarly to how the wheelbarrow is stored, to keep only one wheel on the ground and the other one pinned up against the wall to use the verticality of your garage.

Build a Tool Rack

Use DIY hooks that are very cheap, to build one yourself, and prioritise which ones should go where, usually by what us used the most. The slatwall panels can also be used for by slotting in hooks and making your garage look like a DIY shop. Nice and organised.

The advantages of Slatwall

Slatwall displays are a great and ideal shop-fitting solution which provides total flexibility with regards to merchandising systems. It offers an immediate face-lift, which gives a fresh, modern, clean feel and an up to date look to your retail area or store. Slatwall is tailor made for all businesses such as: newsagents, fashion outlets, convenience shops, estate agents, showrooms, supermarkets, sports good shops (especially those with shoe displays), and even designer stores.


It is also an ideal solution for use in an exhibition capacity. This convenient technology is extremely popular and is a very economical way to transform very plain looking walls which may or may not be painted magnolia, into an effective space and a very aesthetically pleasing merchandising area. The popularity is said to come mostly from its ease of use to put up in a short time, coupled with its attractive yet highly customisable looks.

Slatwall also helps to maximise display space which may be scarce in some spaces. With our inserts sold, you can enhance and add to the clean finish the displays already bring. They are very easy to install, you can do it yourself if you have the time, and they also add extra stability and strength to the slatwall fittings.

Our slatwall profiles can serve as a means of covering up any untidy joins you may see when the displays are erected, and can also cover up any internal or external corners of the slatwall display.

It gives a professional look while being highly customisable, you can hook pretty much anything onto it, so it’s also great if you need to move things around and squeeze things into a tight space if need be.

Slatwall accessories also come in a wide range of goods. All of them easily hooking into one of the many space provided. As mentioned before, shoe displays are one of the most common uses of slatwall in action, with the hook in shelves you can have shoe displays which tower up to the ceiling in any store, no matter how high the ceiling actually is, the possibilities are endless.

Getting Slatwall into your Business


Sometimes known as Slat board, slatted wall panels, Slatwall is a versatile and cost-efficient way to really make your displays stand out in the crowd. Slatwall is a great choice for any retail business and is one of the best combinations of durability, attractiveness, and low cost.

It gives a professional look while being highly customisable, you can hook pretty much anything onto it, so it’s also great if you need to move things around and squeeze things into a tight space if need be.

Slatwall accessories come in a wide range of goods. All of them easily hooking into one of the many space provided.

Gondola units are free standing, so they can sit in the middle of a shop, freeing up wall space if it is needed for other purposes.

Slatwall shelves are a great solution if you want to keep everything in a uniform display, keeping it looking like a normal shelf display, without the inconvenience of having to put the shelves up first.

As with all accessories though, they can easily be moved out and placed somewhere else with the convenience of not having to remove a shelf by unscrewing or un-mounting it from the wall, leaving holes and wall plugs everywhere.

Hooks and other accessories make a compulsory addition to any shop selling clothes with hangers or boxed items which need to be hanged from the top.

The majority of retailers go with a neutral colour for the Slatwall, like white, grey, or cream. However, we also offer a wide range of colours to make your display really stand out. Some of our colours include: Ash, Beech, Oak, Maple, and Walnut, as well as strong colours such as Red, Yellow, and Blue.

To match with your choice of colour, we also sell inserts to avoid colour clashes for a display, as well as mirrored inserts to reflect light back onto the customer and give the illusion of a wider space.

To finish off your display, we have professional finishing trims to give the edge of the slatwall a nice finish to help it blend in with the walls and give it a high end, expensive look which can add a framing effect to any display.

Why Should you get Slatwall Panels?


Slatwall panels and accessories have been used by retailers for years to create an organised, open display area that help to draw customers into their shops. They are particularly useful in stores with limited space, though they can be effectively used in any shop size, in combination with cable systems or other types of store fixtures. The popularity of slatwalls can be attributed to their numerous uses, sustainability, and affordability for small and large retailers alike.

There are several benefits of slatwall panels that store owners can take advantage of to enhance their display area. These include:


Unless you are operating a franchise, you will have to keep changing the merchandise you sell to give customers what they want and maximise turnover. Retailers need flexibility, which is not offered by shop fittings.

Slatwalls, on the other hand, offer a good level of adjustability, such that you can have the shelves freestanding or move them up and down the wall to create whichever display effect you are trying to achieve. Additionally, slatwall accessories allow you to modify the arrangement for different types of merchandise. This means that you can keep your display fresh or experiment with different options as you vary the stock to find a display that maximises your sales.

Ability to display a wide array of merchandise: Slatwall panels and their accessories can be used to display almost anything, from wedding dresses to hardware. You can display an assortment of products of all shapes and sizes in the best way possible, so you can show them off properly while keeping things nice and neat. Whether you have a modest speciality boutique or multi-level department store, slatwalls can help you achieve the look and feel that corresponds to your store’s ambiance so your merchandise looks more tempting and sales are boosted.

Wide variety

Design is critical for the general feel of your shop, as it can help to influence your consumers and ultimately impact on sales. Slatwalls come in a huge range of styles and designs, which means that you can get more variety in your store to make it more inviting. For instance, you can select from MDF, aluminium, and wood grain slatwall, among others, and the variety of colours available lets you create the exact design that you want for your shop.

Securely store merchandise: It is important that you store all your products securely, irrespective of what you are displaying, in order to avoid damage and ensure the safety of your customers. Slatwall panels keep your merchandise safe and secure to prevent any possible problems, allowing you to run your store with peace of mind.

Optimise on available space

Slatwalls give you the opportunity to utilise space that was previously unexploited. You can be creative with the design of your boutique or store, so you end up using smaller spaces that were previously being wasted. Displaying more of your products up on the wall, instead of leaving them crowded on the floor, will enhance your inventory control, reduce the opportunities for shoplifters to steal from you, create more space for your clients, and possibly increase sales.

The tidiness offered by slatwall panels will be appreciated by you, your employees, and even your customers. They create space, allow you to increase the variety of merchandise you display, and save you money in different ways.

Overview of Flat Pack Kitchens


There are many factors to consider when shopping for kitchen units, including whether you want a rigid kitchen or flat pack kitchen. While rigid kitchens come fully assembled, flat pack kitchens are purchases as components that need on-site assembly.

Every homeowner wants a kitchen design that optimises the available space, provides necessary storage, and offers room to admire the arrangement, all at a specified budget. With so many types of kitchen units and installation techniques to choose from, there are many factors to consider before settling on a specific design, including durability, space requirements, and manufacturing standards, among others. So, why would you choose to install a flat pack kitchen?

Mode of Assembly: Rigid vs. Flat Pack

Rigid kitchens are factory assembled using the cam and dowel method, whereby the unit components are placed inside a jig and squeezed together gently for several minutes, so that the glue dries in that position. This process may make rigid kitchen units more costly, but the fact that they come completely assembled with all necessary fittings, such as drawers and hinges in place, eliminates the risk of having a unit with missing components.

Flat pack kitchen units, on the other hand, come with knock down joints that are typically made of plastic and feature a bracket that is used to fix two pieces of wood together using a hammer or screw driver.  Like rigid systems, these units also have to be manufactured to a high standard. The use of Knock Down joints is aimed at providing a unit that can be built up or knocked down as required without any deterioration occurring on the construction. This implies that whenever the unit is re-assembled, the construction remains as good as it was the first time around.

Features of Flat Pack Kitchens

The design of these units is such that they can be assembled by anyone without necessarily having any prior experience with woodwork or joinery techniques. The tolerances for manufacturing these units are incredibly accurate, so you can build it from scratch and get a perfect fit every time. Most manufacturers provide a specific tolerance for cutting panels and drilling holes, which is + or – 0.5mm, an extremely small measurement that leaves no room for error during on-site assembly.

How to Assemble a Small Cabinet

A cabinet is perhaps the most flexible building block for flat pack units, as you can add a shelf, drawer, or door to convert it into a cupboard, or use multiple cabinets to form a unit that provides you with the storage space that you require. When assembling a cabinet, be sure to do the following:

1. Start by laying the panels on a flat surface so you can easily see all components.

2. Fix the legs underneath the base panel into the pre-drilled holes.

3. Turn the base over so it stands on the legs, and use a screwdriver to screw the cam studs.

4. Apply PVA wood adhesive on one end of the wooden dowels and slot them into the pre-drilled holes on the base panel.

5. Tap the dowels with a hammer gently to get a snug fit.

6. Put a locking cam into the larger holes of the side panel where it will attach to the base.

7. Put some adhesive on the protruding dowels and fit the side panel to the base.

8. Secure by tightening the locking cams with a screwdriver.

9. Fit the back and side panels using steps 6-8.

There are many advantages of flat pack kitchen units, including their affordability, easy size adjustment, easy assembly, and the ability to play around with the design.

Slatwall Panels: An Ideal Solution


One ideal option for store displays is slatwall panels. These panels are not only easy to install, they are easy on the eye and easy on the wallet. They are a great solution for a small space because they can accommodate a large amount of product and display it in a highly organised fashion.

What Sizes of Slatwall Panels are Available?

Slatwall panels are available in 4 feet by 4 feet (1200 x 1200) and 8 feet by 4 feet (2400 x 1200). The latter size panel is perfect to cover large areas with a small amount of panels. In fact, the size is quite deceiving because you think that there is no possible way that it will cover the area, but only a small amount of panels are required. It is quite surprising how few panels are required to cover off a wall in a shop when you have access to the right products.  These panels can display a wide range of products easily and with class.

Since every shop set up is different, slatwall panels do not suit everyone. However, custom range sizes are also available on request. The custom sizes that are available are 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm or 200 mm spaces between the slots that are located on the panels. There are different inserts that can be placed into the spacings of the slots, which can make the entire slatwall set up to be personalised for use in your specific shop space. And, if you are seeking an economical solution for a shelving unit set up in your home, slatwall panels are definitely what you should be considering.

How Should You Choose Your Panels?

All you will need to be concerned about is choosing the panels that you need along with the slot spacing you require. The next decision you will need to make is the colour of panel and then place your order. The European MDF is 18mm thick and provides an extremely durable and strong product. Front finishes for the panels are generally available in matte, wood grain or plain, depending upon what you want as a background.  These melamine finishes are hard wearing which means that they will last a long time and are easy to wipe clean. They will also look nice for a long time in your shop without losing their finish or acquiring a dingy appearance.

Slatwall panels are delivered on pallets, since this is the best way to have them delivered nationwide in an economical way. The 1200 x 2400 panels are packaged together in lots on large pallets and ordered in pallets. If you own a shop and have been looking at a variety of shelving and other display options, then you probably already know just how expensive most of the options that are available are. These panels are a very affordable option because the materials that they are manufactured with are quite economical.  All you need to do is contact a company that sells these panels to decide how much of the product you will need to order for your shop.

Set up shop with slatwall displays


Whether you’re opening a new store or have been in business for a while, revamping your shop displays is a great way to get customers talking. After all, they’re the first thing customers see in your window, and the first impression they get of your shop when they enter to browse. Attractive displays can make all the difference, but you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional visual merchandiser for great results. Slatwall gondola stands are ideal to create eye-catching displays and lift clutter away from ground level.

Using your new displays

You’ll find slatwall gondola stands and displays are available to buy in a range of finishes, and for the most stylish look, you should match the colour and finish to other furnishings in your store. Of course, a different colour could be a good idea for a display you really want to stand out, such as your sale corner, but on the whole, choosing the same or co-ordinating colours will help to create a professional finish.

The benefits of slatwall displays

Slatwall gondola stands and displays make it easy for anyone to create beautiful displays. They can be custom-built to suit your needs, with a range of coloured finishes and edgings to suit every retail environment. Free-standing H or T-shaped slatwall gondola stands are ideal for central displays, whilst tower gondolas make a statement. For extra storage, slatwall units with base cupboards allow you to display items with drawers underneath. This is ideal to store stock, making customer purchases quicker and easier.

Budget friendly

You’ll find slatwall display stands come in a huge variety of sizes, so whether you’re an individual retail store on a budget or a multi-national chain with more to spend on display materials, these types of display stands are affordable for most people. You’ll find a range of accessories to match your gondola stands and slatwall displays too, so you can mix and match to display books, clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

You can customise your slatwall display with shelves and other accessories to suit the individual needs of your store, whatever you want to display. So next time your store needs a revamp, or you open a new business, consider slatwall gondola stands and displays for all your visual merchandising needs – they create a contemporary, stylish look that customers will love and they’re sure to attract plenty of attention.

Top Tips for Organising your Shop Shelving


Whatever type of retail store you are, customers will be put off parting with their money if they cannot A. See the products they are buying or B. Cannot navigate their way easily through your store.

Consumers shop with their eyes first of all. If they cannot find what they are looking for or cannot clearly make out your products on your shop shelving then they are highly likely to look elsewhere. Though popular retailers, such as Argos, have made a brand out of keeping their stock solely in a warehouse, it is very uncommon that this model will work with an unrecognised brand. There are only so many times a potential customer is willing to ask ‘Have you got ____?’, so it is your job as a store owner to make your store layout as easy to navigate as possible.

There are a variety of different types of shop and/or supermarket shelving available, it’s up to you to decide what type is best for your store.

First, remember that customers are automatically drawn to anything at their eye line. Make sure that any key products or stock that you really want to push is on this level. Depending on the type of shop shelving you use, this may need to differentiate this from unit to unit. Another important element in product display is to always have your stock pushed to the front of the shelf, or have the shelf tilted slightly in order to fully display the items you wish to sell.

If you have a lot of products that can hang then it is best to do away with shelving completely and instead use Slat wall panels to better display your products. Slat walls also have the added bonus of being easily movable, with ‘lines’ of products easy to rearrange as needed. It can be a good decision to combine slatwall panels with your shop shelving to avoid making your store appear too uniform.

There are two main types of shelving that you can choose from: wire or slatwall. As I have stated above, slat wall is always a good choice if you are the type of stall which is regularly updating and alternating your stock. If you get free standing slatwall gondolas then you can use slatwall shelving to display stock. Slatwall comes is all sorts of finishes and colours so is very useful to personalise to the colour scheme of your store.

Alternatively, wire or basket shelving can be used to stock particular products or can be used around the till area to create further interest from your customers and inspire impulse buys.  Make sure that you only use Chrome wire shelving to ensure a high quality finish, an attractive appearance and (most importantly) a high strength and endurance.

Finding the correct shop shelving for your store is very important so do not be afraid to experiment with different types before deciding on the ‘final’ look of your store. However, always keep in mind that it is best that you do not overwhelm your potential customers with too many styles.