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Presenting Econowall’s Slatwall Gondola

How a Slatwall Gondola can be the right choice for your shop

Our strong, high-quality Slatwall Gondola Shelving Units will easily adjust to fit your merchandising areas and other spaces you may need them for. You can create runs with add-on units, you can add possible shelves, end-caps, fencing and signage too. The Slatwall Gondola units are available for use in the aisle or on the wall as well. They are very easy to assemble, with no bolts, screws, nuts, washers, or tools required. Slatwall Gondola units are durable and attractive to the eye and deliver plenty of flexible store fixture display choices. Our complete line of store fixtures are in stock and available for immediate shipment online

The cost to deliver your items depends on which items you have ordered, and where in the UK you live. We are able to deliver to the entire UK, but costs do differ. We have a quick and easy way for you to get the exact cost of delivery to you.

Simply add all the items you require to the shopping basket on this website, then click on ‘view basket’.

Once in the shopping basket you can enter your postcode and be instantly presented with your exact cost of delivery. To get a quote for delivery we not require any personal details other than your postcode.

We deliver our products in different ways depending on which items you have ordered. Deliveries will be made by either Pallet Carrier, Parcel Carrier or Dedicated Vehicle. For information about which delivery will be applicable for your items see the specific items page.

It’s right to shop around for products you are looking to buy.
We monitor our prices daily against our competitors to make sure we are offering our customers the best possible value.

As we are a manufacturer of Slatwall and Slatwall Gondola, we know we can offer the best value Slat Panels you will find, and this is backed up by our excellent customer service experience. If you see any of our other products cheaper for sale somewhere else, let us know and we always do our best to price match everything we sell.

Buy shopfittings from Econowall

Choose shopfittings for a better customers merchandising experience

Here at Econowall we house many products, ranging from slat-wall panels and gondolas, gridmesh and pegboard display systems, display accessory hooks, clothing racks, display mannequins, and we are also operating a fully functioning shopfittings service.

We are fanatical about all things merchandising. With a vast variety of products appropriate for both large and small retailers, as well as exhibitions, fashion houses and factory outlets, we are sure we have shopfittings and the power to fit them too, to completely serve your every need. We are frequently looking out for new products to add to our stock that will make the merchandising experience for your customers better than ever.

Our service begins before your order is placed with our easy to use website and checkout system. It then continues even after you have received your shopfittings and merchandise displays, thanks to a sales team that has the expert awareness and understanding to help you choose the products you need and support you as best they can towards the conclusion of our business together.

Econowall’s aim is simple – to give our customers the best quality shopfittings at peerless prices, combined with outstanding customer service.

So why should you buy shopfittings from us?

We offer brand new, high quality shopfittings at low prices. So now you don’t have to purchase sometimes used shop fittings as some shopfitters use and you can get brand new beautiful furniture, sometimes even for the price of second hand anyway. Check out our prices to learn more.

As our collection of quality in-stock products continues to grow, our responsibility of ensuring customer satisfaction remains unaffected.

Econowall now manufactures most of the types of shopfittings and display products you can think of, from large branded deluxe (and yet still functional) counter displays to small wall attachments such as metal hooks, all of which can be manufactured to your exact dimensions and then finished all within reasonable times. Just contact us via email or give us a ring and we will get you on the right track.

We also continue to serve our customers with rapid, and still economical delivery prices.

Here at Econowall we have a wide range of shop fittings that are intended to be highly functional and are fundamental in any shop. These fittings, fixtures and display elements offer you a great deal of flexibility and will allow you to exhibit goods in many different ways.

Our popular grid mesh panels are one of the most versatile shop display fittings. For a brighter display we have a wide selection of Slatwall panels too.  Our collection of accessories to go with them, including fittings and display hooks, will fit all your shopfitting requirements.

Make sure you browse our full range as most of the retail accessories we have in stock are compatible with multiple display systems, for example our hooks can be used in pegboards, and slatwall panels too, in order to make them useful anywhere in your store.

The premium till stand counter from our shop equipment selection

Econowall shop equipment:

Take a look at our Premium Till Stand Counter from our range of shop equipment. Some of its features include:

  • 600mm Deep x 900mm High x 600 Wide
  • 1 adjustable shelf in rear storage area
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Choice of colour finishes to select
  • Select matching edging or any colour you like!
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to work

We can manufacture your premium counter in any of the colours available on our colour picker section from the counter’s page too.

You can select an edging colour to match the colour finish of your finest shop counter. It can be one to match the colours of your other equipment already in your shop, or just go bold and select a bright contrasting shade.

You can select from any of the colours listed on the counter’s page. Once we have received your order you will join the queue for production of the equipment. We will then have your premium shop counter or gondola equipment constructed within 10 working days. After that, we will then dispatch the item/s via an economy delivery service.

In general, the time it takes from the receipt of your order to you receiving your order is normally 12 to 14 working days.

We offer free delivery on our full range of premium shop counters and premium gondolas. This does have some exclusions though. If you live in the Scottish Highlands or islands, Northern Ireland, Eire, the Isle of Wight, Devon or Cornwall then there will be a small delivery charge to pay because of the distance. To see how much delivery will be in these cases, you can either call us on 01621 774700 or just add the items you require to the shopping basket, click on view basket and you can then determine the delivery charge for your order using your postcode.

Our counters & gondolas are large and heavy items so they can be problematic to deliver in some cases. We will place your shop counters or gondolas on a pallet and use high quality steel banding to secure them in place. If you have ordered other smaller items they will be placed securely on the top of your pallet. Once we have the entire order loaded onto the pallet, we then use a high quality, clear shrink wrap to guard everything during its trip to you, we even use dense protecting corner strips to stop any edges getting damaged.

Pallet Delivery Information:

  • Due to the weight of shop counters and gondolas, delivery will be made to you on a pallet, unless you have access for a fork-lift truck you will need to unload your equipment delivery by hand.
  • You will need something to cut the metal banding with that secures your shop equipment to the pallet, good strong pliers or wire cutters will do.
  • The delivery driver is not our employee and they are only insured to get the delivery to you, they cannot help you unload unfortunately.
  • Due to the size and weight of our shop counters and gondolas, please make sure you have some people around to help you unload, unloading really isn’t a one-person job

Be careful how you handle your new equipment and how you store them, sliding them across each other and standing them up on their sides will damage them.

The Top Shop ridiculous display mannequins

The Fashion store Topshop has been obligated to get rid of their display mannequins from their outlets, after a patron shamed them on Facebook for encouraging ‘ridiculous’ body standards.

A Facebook user who has since wished to remain anonymous, has brought the store’s notice to their display mannequins choices after posting an image on the social network site of the model on show in her nearby Topshop store.

Uploading a picture of the display mannequin taken inside the store, the customer wrote:

“This mannequin is frankly ridiculously shaped. Young women aspire to the somewhat cult image your store offers. Which I’m sure you’re aware by your sales figures and hashtags on Instagram. Yet not one mannequin in your store showed anything bigger than a size six.

“In fact, I’m not even sure the one in the picture is even that. So today, I’m calling you out Topshop, on your lack of concern for a generation of extremely body conscious youth.

“I am old enough and wise enough to know I will never be this size, but we’ve all been impressionable teens at one point, I’m fairly certain that if any of us were to witness this in our teenage years, it would have left us wondering if that was what was expected of our bodies.”

Laura stated that she opted to leave the store after seeing the display mannequin, using her ‘size 10/12 legs’ to shop somewhere else.

In response to the Facebook entry, Topshop said the model was initially based on a size 10 mannequin, but had been changed slightly to give it a ‘stylised’ appearance.

A representative for the clothing chain said:

“As the mannequins are sold fibreglass, their form needs to be of certain dimensions to allow clothing to be put on and removed easily; this is therefore not meant to be a representation of the average female body. That said, we have taken yours and other customers’ opinions and feedback on board and we are not placing any further orders on this style of mannequin.

“The views of our customers are extremely valuable and we apologise if we have not lived up to the levels of service that we aim to deliver.”

While the store has promised to stop ordering the underweight display mannequins, they are to comment on whether or not the current models in store will still be used.

Thankfully, here at Econowall, all of our display mannequins are part of the new healthy look range of models, much like they were back in the 70’s before it became fashionable to look and feel like a stick insect.

Convenience store shop fitters: discovering Econowall’s services

What are convenience store shop fitters and why they are great

Shop Fitters are involved in the trade of fitting out convenience stores and service shops with various gear, fixtures and fittings. The trade relates to all kinds of markets from small corner shops to big supermarkets. Our convenience store shop fitters execute the preparation, design the shop arrangement and install the equipment and services. A shop fitter will typically incorporate specialised expertise in interior design, the manufacture of tailored furniture, signage and fittings (with their own or subcontracted facilities) and purchasing of retail gear.

The shop fitting process begins with a survey and area measurement of all available space and formulating design drawings for proposal to the client. Occasionally, the customer may have their own sketches arranged by another interior designer. The shop fitter will then arrange for the purchase of standard gear and merchandise or the production of anything tailor made, then will deliver and physically install them themselves, until the shop is up and running for it opening day of trade.

There are always diverse requirements for every different branch and type of convenience store. The design of a fashion shop for example, will requires up-to-the-minute consciousness of current trends in the industry, both in colour, and style, to create stores that will draw the customer’s attention.

Shop Fitting obviously covers a wide range of fitting out options, such as places of trade like your local corner shop in a small town, to huge department stores which need to keep up with current trends in the industry, so the work can be very last minute and quite hectic for these huge projects. It’s up to you how involved you want to be, but our convenience store shop fitters are capable of complete the planning phase, the design, the layout and installation of all the equipment and services you’ll need. Here at Econowall, as well as our shop fitting service we will also give you these services:

  • Use of one of the largest parcel carriers in the country, with a reputation to match.
  • A driver that will take care of, and deliver the items to your door.
  • Items which are well packaged with sturdy bubble-wrap, tape and cardboard to ensure maximum protection in transit.

Remember to not just take our word for it however. So remember to check all of the items thoroughly before signing the delivery order, to ensure a satisfactory exchange of goods. Also remember that if you sign for everything as ‘ok’ upon arrival we will be unable to claim for replacements should you suffer any damages to your items.

Keep these things in mind when ordering from us, and try not to get too excited about the project, and we promise you’ll then have a smooth experience with our convenience store shop fitters.

Why Choose Our Convenience Store Shopfitters?

Find out our convenience store shopfitters offers!

Our incredible range of shop counters are created to be very strong and last a long time butbe reasonable in price to all shops. They are transported flat-packed and the construction directions are included. These are not your usual flimsy flat-packs, these are very sturdy and high quality.

Shopfitters deliveries

Shop counters need to be delivered on a pallet due to their size and weight.

  • When getting your pallet, please check for any damage that may have arisen in transit, if you happen to find some harm done, please make a note of this and notify us as soon as possible.
  • Shop counters can be quite heavy. Delivery will be made to you on a pallet, and unless you have contact with a fork-lift truck you’ll need to unload the items by hand.
  • Due to the size and heaviness of Shop counters, please make sure you have some individuals around to help you unpack, unloading really isn’t a job for one person.
  • Be cautious with how you handle your items and how you store them, gliding them across each other and standing them up on their sides will impair them.
  • In the unlucky event that you do have some harm come to your store shop counters on your delivery, you need to call us as soon as possible, and sign the drivers paper work as ‘damaged’ If there are a lot of damages you may want to refuse delivery, please give us a call before you do, so that we can organise for replacements to get to you in a quick manner.

We offer FREE DELIVERY on our full range of Premium Shop Counters and Premium Gondolas. This does have exclusions though. If you live in the Scottish Highland or Islands, N.Ireland, Eire, Isle of Wight, Devon or Cornwall then there will be a delivery charge to pay. To see how much delivery will be you can either call us on 0845 0942751 or simply add the items you require to the shopping basket, click on view basket and you can then calculate the delivery charge for your order using your postcode.

Again our convenience store shop counters & gondolas are big and heavy items so they can be tricky to deliver.

We will place your store counters or shop gondolas on a pallet and use high quality steel banding to secure them in place, if you have ordered other smaller items they will be placed on the top of your pallet. Once we have all of your order on the pallet we use a high quality, clear shrink wrap to protect everything during its journey to you, we even use thick protective corner strips to stop any edges getting damaged.

Some more info about Econowall’s Gridwall

How a gridwall can benefit your store

We only sell genuine brand Gridwall. Beware of lesser quality imitations being sold as Gridwall.
Our product are similar to Slatwall, it is used for the same sort of retail display purposes but Gridwall is a little cheaper, it’s lighter and it’s easier to work with.

You start by choosing the size of Gridwall Panels you need, they are all 2 feet wide but come in a range of lengths (they can be used as either landscape or portrait though). They are simply a metal grid with a chrome finish.
Attaching your panels to the wall if that’s how you plan to use them is quite easy. You simply use our Gridwall Wall Mounting Brackets, then all you need are some Hooks and Accessories and you are ready to display your items in a funky and attractive way.

Another great use of them is to create a Gridwall Gondola. Using gridwall panels all you need extra is a gondola base or leg stands, they easily bolt together and you very quickly and cheaply have a great floor standing gridwall display.

Gridwall is a licensed trademark, when purchasing them make sure you are buying from a reputable company like ours, there are many lower quality imitations out there pretending to be the real thing.

Our range of Gridwall items are small enough items to allow us to deliver them by parcel carrier. Delivery for 1-3 boxes of Gridwall items with be handled by parcel carrier, orders larger than 3 boxes will require a small pallet delivery.

If you are ordering your Gridwall items at the same time as larger items that require pallet delivery, then to save you money, we will include them on that delivery for you rather than charge you for a seperate delivery. (Please note if your other panels are a shorter length than your Gridwall panels an extra charge will be applicable. We will contact you in this case on receipt of your order)

Delivery costs for 1-3 boxes is a parcel rate of £16.50 for most UK delivery areas. For more than 3 boxes of Gridwall products or non-mainland delivery areas, please add all the items you require to the shopping basket, click on view basket and you can easily calculate your personal delivery cost from there.

How display mannequins became a form of art.

The Ralph Pucci Display Mannequins Exhibition

Mannequins, usually used to display garments in our case, turn into art objects in their own right in a new exhibition dedicated to mannequin designer and manufacturer Ralph Pucci.

“Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin” at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design is the first presentation to discover the work of Pucci, who is broadly documented for his pioneering approach to the more accustomed and universal mannequin appearance we know today.

In the exhibition are his works from over 30 years displaying mannequins of all sizes, face shapes and manifestations.

“He has really opened up the possibilities of what a mannequin can be,” museum director Glenn Adamson stated, defining Pucci as “the most prominent mannequin designer of his generation”.

“By making it abstract, athletic, by working with all these astonishing artists and creators, he’s taken a design form that almost once was … a little bit nameless … and he’s made that not only into a subject of curiosity in its own right but actually something that makes the garments look better.”

The exhibition shows off 30 of Pucci’s main designs and an in-gallery recreation of the workspace where his longtime colleague, sculptor Michael Evert, casts the clay prototypes.

Pucci, who started his career when he joined his parents’ New York-based mannequin repair trade in 1976, has worked with style and design names such as Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui and the model Christy Turlington amongst others.

“They’re fine-tuned display mannequins. They’re shaped gorgeously by Michael Evert. The ideas are ahead of the curve and they’re eternal,” Pucci said.

“We just heeded the creative essence that’s in the world that desired to speak to us. If you listen and have your eyes open, it’s easy to construct.”

Our great ranges of male shop display mannequins are all held in stock right here in the UK. This means we can get them to you much quicker than some other online suppliers who ship them directly from china to you.

Econowall mannequins all come with a sturdy, high quality metal base with a metal calf spike fitting. This means they will stand without wobbling and also able to wear heavy garments like leather jackets.

How to improve your exhibit with slatwall panels

Whether a business sells gardening equipment or designer evening gowns, having an organized and well-presented exhibit is a necessity on any trade show floor.

No matter what the size is, every firm needs at least one item highlighted in the exhibition space they have for branding commitments. Econowall has put together a full array of marketing materials and fixtures including pop up displays, banner platforms, hanging signs, iPad stands, table top exhibitions, branded furniture, and our biggest selling and most versatile product of all, Slatwall.

Slatwall is a simple, and modern answer to turning a basic wall area into a multipurpose selling wall. Slatwall panels on the shop floor is a must have for clients exhibiting multiple products or product lines. Our Slatwall is a stackable panel system that is easily handled on the show floor with its easy to assemble panels. It can be built and demolished in minutes, ready for the next job. It’s great for tradeshows which have self-levelers for uneven floors while withstanding heavy contents. It’s remarkably easy to clean and resilient against oil, grease, petrol based goods and the majority of household chemicals, it is UV resistant so it won’t fade in the sun and also stain resistant, while still fitting all standard slat wall hooks and fittings.

Slatwall Panels have been around for a long time now, and are a main-stay invention for merchandizing displays.

All of our Slatwall Panels are manufactured right here in the UK from European grade 18mm MDF.  Slatwall as the name suggests is designed to be mounted on your walls. Then you select from our range of Slatwall Accessories for the right add-on for the products you want to display.

As mentioned we use 18mm thick MDF, this gives you a strong and durable product. The front finishes are available in plain matt colours or wood grain finishes. These are all melamine. We all know that melamine is a hard wearing finish and also makes our Slatwall Panels wipe-clean letting you easily keep them looking good in your shop.

Flat pack kitchens: what are the benefits?

One of the numerous judgments to be made when picking or planning your new kitchen is whether to have the furniture transported to your door as a wholly assembled ‘rigid’ kitchen or as a ‘ready to assemble’ flat pack kitchen.

When visiting us, it’s always worthwhile asking the question as to how your kitchen will be delivered as it’s not always obvious from inspecting the display alone. Which is a testament to how good and indistinguishable or flat pack kitchens actually are for the sturdier brethren.

Rigid kitchens are assembled in the workshop by typically using the ‘glue and dowel’ technique where all the workings are put in place inside a very precise jig. The assembler then initiates the process and the parts are lightly pressed together. It is then kept in place for a few minutes while the glue starts to set, making certain that each cupboard is flawlessly square before being detached from the jig and onto the next part of the construction route.

Naturally there is an added cost for this process though, as you have to take into consideration that you are also paying for the manufacturers approval and the use if the jig.

Flat pack kitchens also have to be factory-made to the highest standard regardless. As a flat pack kitchen hypothetically may be put together by somebody with no knowledge of building a kitchen from scratch, the tolerances for fabrication have to be extremely precise.

Putting your kitchen together yourself obviously saves you money as well, as long as you have the time to do it yourself. This is where the savings are all made.

Flat Pack kitchen furniture usually employs the ‘Cam and Dowel’ technique and can be evidenced with the dowel pin itself being screwed into the upright vertical panel and the cam being put in place into the horizontal panel, with an easy quarter turn, then they are locked together.

Whether you decide to plump for a flat pack kitchen or not, both the flat pack and rigid versions are equally fit for purpose, it is simply up to the fitter to decide if they have the extra time needed to assemble the flat pack version themselves, and if they would appreciate the saving they make.