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The importance of having the right retail mannequins in your store display

Visual retailing is the knack of tempting customers and persuading purchases using visual displays. Retail Mannequins have long been an indispensable means of this visual marketing method. They can be utilised to generate visually striking, unique displays that can boost your business.

Mannequins are well thought to be one of the most valuable parts of visual merchandising. Many fashion trends can look gloomy or unappealing when exhibited on clothes hangers, whereas displaying clothes on a retail mannequin helps the patrons to see what the clothes would look like on a person. Outfits can also be composed onto a mannequin, along with jewellery and handbags. This is advantageous in giving the customer fashion stimulus.

Nowadays, retail mannequins come in all shapes and sizes, and male and female mannequins are similarly popular. The days where they only imitated the ‘ideal’ body shape are long gone. Mannequins can aid people of all shapes and sizes see what garments will look like on them.

It’s vital that the retail mannequins in your store are exhibited well. Reflect on the message that you want your department store to give, and reproduce that in the mannequin presentation. Contemplate using spotlights to emphasise your mannequins. Customers tend to have positive responses to things that are well lit or demonstrated on mannequins, so having a good display could really improve sales.

Retail mannequins are also extremely useful in demonstrating a store’s signature and outlook. No fashion retailer should be deprived of them.

Our great ranges of male shop display mannequins are all held in stock right here in the UK. This means we can get them to you much quicker than some other online suppliers who ship them directly from china to you.
Econowall mannequins all come with a sturdy, high quality metal base with a metal calf spike fitting. This means they will stand without wobbling and also able to wear heavy garments like leather jackets.

Our range of Mannequins are small enough items to allow us to deliver them by parcel carrier. Delivery for 1-3 mannequins with be handled by parcel carrier, orders larger than 3 mannequins will require a small pallet delivery.
If you are ordering your mannequins at the same time as larger items that require pallet delivery, then to save you money, we will include them on that delivery for you rather than charge you for a separate delivery.

How can you use a slatwall panel for?

Slatwall also known as Slotwall parts are typically built from medium density fibre. Horizontal channels usually 15mm wide are machined into the board sections and are completed with plastic or aluminium insets of the same typical size.  Aluminium is more often used when more sturdiness is required. The slatwall boards can be polished in a huge range of colours or glosses according to the colour and style requirements you wish for.

The indentations are able to take many varieties of accessories including pegs, clothing railings, supports, shoe trays and racks, ledges, magazine racks and many more options are usually available in metal and acrylic. They offer distinctive and totally versatile display arrangements for many different kinds of goods.

When planning a retail store, one of the most vital aspects to consider is a multipurpose product display that enables easy alteration as often as needed. As space is typically scarce, making use of wall space for sales and item exhibition is crucial and can ensure the residual floor space is less jumbled, providing clients with that roomy feel even in smaller shops.

Slatwall fixtures are the perfect solution for all types of shops and the choices include revolving gondola’s, stationary gondola’s, shelves and other self-supporting choices. Also usingslatwall fittings on walls guarantees a unified finish across a retail space, as all pieces can be colour co-ordinated or themed to be flawlessly matching in colour and appearance.

Slatwall is textbook for presentations of small or large products and this is one of the key points to its functionality, it can be transformed limitlessly with the different types of fittings and add-ons to put up different types of stock across a huge range of sizes and designs.

For fashion and clothing stores, the slatwall offers the picture-perfect base for merchandise display. Allowing the store to sell its stock exactly as it desires. Clothing items can be exhibited as an outfit with suitable accessories including belts, bags, shoes and trinkets which can also revealed next to the objects on sale. This gives the vendor the chance to intensify add-on sales as they can show off a whole new look all together.

The Slatwall arrangement makes it easy to alter the rails and clothing hooks suitably to different lengths of garments. So it is very straightforward to make changes to the display as new stock arrives in store.

Finding the right mannequin

At Econowall, we understand retail display. That is why we carry a wide range of retail mannequins for you to choose from. No matter what the style of your retail products, you can count on Econowall to provide the ideal retail display mannequins to match it.

At Econowall you’ll find mannequins for sale that span a range of colours, designs, styles, shapes and poses. No matter what you require, this is the best place to find all of your mannequins and other fashion accessories.

We have a wide range of mannequins that are intended to fit into all sorts of retail surroundings. From accurate to artistic mannequins, you can create your own unique display by selecting a mannequin pose and appearance to suit you. At Econowall, we go out of our way to obtain the uppermost quality, yet best value mannequins. All of our mannequins for sale are covered by our guarantees against industrial defects; giving you peace of mind when spending with us.


From floor standing ones to hanging male and female busts from a wall, you can create an eye catching display that will get your clothing goods seen by all. With black, white or grey covers obtainable to fit our retail bust displays, you can find the finest cover to match the goods on display. Reasonable yet stylish, these busts are faultless every time.

Hanging busts

If you are looking for an inexpensive way of exhibiting clothing pieces, then our range of hanging busts will be right up your street. Hang them from a bar, peg or even a slatwall in order to generate a highly visible and appealing display. Display them on a stand to create a unique display and still create lots of ground room as there won’t be any feet in the way if you’re struggling for floor space.


The range of male and female torsos are textbook for demonstrating any t-shirt or variety of underwear. Choose whether to show the mannequins on a stand or place the torso on top of a counter for a varied display.

It’s right to shop around for products you are looking to buy. We monitor our prices daily against our competitors to make sure we are offering our customers the best possible value.

As we are also a huge manufacturer of Slatwall we know we can offer the best value Slat Panels you will find too, as well as all of our brand new products for our brand new website. This is backed up by our excellent customer service experience and testimonials.

Take back control of your garage

Consumer Reports have recommended separating items in your garage into four collections. These are sell, donate, trash and keep. Overall, your goal is to get as much as possible off of the garage floor and onto the walls or shelves.

With that complete, you can start the prep work. Ask yourself whether you prefer to store items behind closed doors, on open shelves or a mix of both. Also, are there items littering indoor living spaces that you’d like to stockpile in the garage?

For DIY people: Everything in its own place

78% of people surveyed store tools or a workbench in their garage, and 44% use the area as a workspace. A slatwall, wire grid or pegboard will keep your implements and tools in plain sight. Decide on cabinets with doors and drawers if you favour things to be stowed away or you want to keep them away from children.

If space is at a premium or if you maintain your own car, consider tool cabinets on wheels, which you can move into the centre of the garage or the driveway.

A workbench that lets you adjust the height is handy for different jobs and for users of different heights.

Consider a workbench with a sealed laminate or plastic surface. Those types resist stains best, according to Consumer Reports’ tests.

For gardeners: Round up all your gear

You’ll probably want wall storage and shelves for hand tools, potting soil, peat moss and fertilizer. Lawn mowers and heavy pots will need space on the floor.

Use a wall system for your rakes, hoes and other tall items. Mount trowels, bulb planters and other hand tools on a pegboard, either on individual hooks or perhaps in wire or clear plastic bins for visibility.

If there’s space, consider a potting bench along the back wall, with some grow lights.

For sports equipment: Make it simple

A slat wall, track or grid system can be fitted with hooks for specialized holders for balls, mitts, backpacks, rackets, skateboards, skis, bikes and more.

A slat wall or grid system allows you to easily raise hooks and accessories as kids get taller.

Wall-mounted wire baskets, mesh bags and clear, open bins stow items in clear view.

A floor bike rack allows youngsters to ride right into the garage and park. No kids? Consider suspending bikes from the ceiling with a bike lift, either motorized or manual.

A hoist allows you to get your canoe or kayak up and down without damaging it or harming yourself in the process.

Now is not the time: Stow rarely used items

Overhead storage is an economical alternative to a cabinet for large, long and relatively flat objects.

A ceiling-mounted shelf is the ideal place for such lightweight items as holiday decorations and out-of-season clothing.

For bulk purchases, keep extra cleaning supplies and non-perishable foods near the inner door to the house.

Paper records can go into bins, but the weight makes them better for a shelf mounted high on a wall rather than above a car.

Use clear plastic bins to hold more than one type of item. Opaque bins are fine for out-of-season clothes, old business records, etc., if they’re clearly labelled.

Garden Centre Shelving Options

Customers these days are quite savvy, and they have high expectations. As a result, many garden centres have evolved to offer a richer and more rewarding experience based around plants and related products for the home and garden. Today, garden centre shelving features glass shelves, brackets, and hooks that complement any display. Another trend among retailers is the use of timber displays. Here is a comparison between top timber display benches and top garden centre shelving options.

Timber Display Benches

Well-designed timber displays can increase your turnover by showcasing your merchandise in an attractive manner whilst adding an alluring feature to your garden centre. There are different types of timber displays. Popular choices for general display benches include:

1. Bedding Bench. The bench features a 20mm lip and is ideal for displaying bedding plants. If used individually, they can help to encourage impulse purchases.

2. Flood bench. This table features a plastic tray insert with a complete plastic filter and rubber bung that helps to reduce on both time and money spent on watering.

3. Angled front bench. The stylish angled front bench is for retailers looking for a change from the typical problem of arranging items on a flat bench. Its unique positioning will ensure that your merchandise and plant information is prominent and easy to read.

4. Octagonal display bench. This is a practical unit that garden centres can use to display seasonal plants and shrubs. The bench is positioned on a box base, and it can be used individually or in groups to make a conspicuous display. Variations of this design include the half octagonal and hexagonal benches.

5. Modular sets. These are versatile benches that can be easily moved around and stored. Retailers can use them individually to liven up an entrance or in interlocking sets to provide a focal point.

6. Climber display benches. These are practical units designed specifically for the use of climbing plants with divisions to help prevent wind damage.

Garden Centre Shelving

This system employs a display and merchandising solution that features an offset tiered design to deliver great visibility without being obstructed or shaded by products above. Some systems have mesh shelving to facilitate easy watering and quick drainage. The ideal garden shelving solution should be made from durable material, possibly with a galvanised finish to enable exterior use and prevent it from wearing due to continuous plant watering. Top options for shelving available to garden stores today include:

1. Steel shelving. This is a very common option owing to its inexpensive construction, robust durability, and rigid construction. It can be purchased new or used without fear of warping or collapsing.

2. Slatwall shelving. This option offers amazing visual merchandising, organisation, and presentation. Retailers can experiment with different display styles and colours to make the arrangement appealing to consumers.

3. Rack shelving. These are light-duty, durable, and boltless shelving systems that are easy to assemble and disassemble in small spaces. They are great for garden stores due to their flexibility, allowing modular components to be rearranged in multiple configurations, including circles and curves.

4. Wire shelving systems. These help to maximise air circulation, offer exceptional visibility, and are easy to assemble and maintain.

Garden centre shelving systems are certainly very popular for displaying all sorts of plants. No matter which shelving solution you choose for your garden centre, it’s always a good idea to with a reputable supplier to get exactly what you need.

The History and Benefits of Fashion Display Mannequins

Visual merchandising has been proven to be a critical element in consumer behavior. Brick-and-mortar stores are constantly adjusting the aesthetics of their stock to keep customers interested. Display mannequins are a vital component in visual merchandising, helping retailers to communicate product cues to prospective consumers, as well as capturing customer interest.

A Brief History of Mannequins

The first mannequins are believed to have originated in the mid-18th Century, when dressmakers used steel replications of customer measurements to fit clothing. But it was not until the mid-20th Century when mannequins were given their modern form with detailed body sculpting, thanks to the development of plastics.

At this time, male mannequins were designed with an athletic build, a V-shaped silhouette, and the hair combed back, while female mannequins features full hips, large breasts, and tightly pinched waists. It was at this point in history that the ideal female body form was created: thinner than average, taller than average, yet still evenly proportioned.

In today’s society, both male and female mannequins are designed in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are no longer used as a mere reflection of the “ideal” body shape, which means that they can be used to help different types of people to see how clothes will look on their body shape and size.

Some Benefits of Using Mannequins

Mannequins are positioned in store windows and other sections of stores to help draw customers’ attention. This allows retailers to present their newest clothing items on a human form, which makes it easier for customers to picture themselves in those clothes. Many fashion trends can appear dull and unflattering when simply placed on clothes hangers. However, displaying them on mannequins helps to personalise those clothing items, allowing customers to view what they themselves might look like in those garments.

In addition, you can give your mannequins whatever personality you intend to create. For instance, in a city setting, you can make the clothes look sophisticated. You can put outfits together, along with accessories such as jewellery and handbags, which are necessary to give customers fashion inspiration. In a country setting, on the other hand, you can make the mannequins look light and whimsical. For clothing items intended for teenagers, the mannequins can be displayed in a school setting. Retailers can be imaginative in manipulating mannequins so that they make the outfits look appealing.

Retailers should know that there is a lot more to buying clothes than simply finding things that fit. Shoppers want to create a certain impression and feel a certain way when they wear certain clothes. One’s choice of outfit can boost the ego, project a style, express individuality, establish social standing, or do a lot more. It can be challenging to determine how your customers want to feel, and you cannot please everyone. However, targeting a specific group can make things much easier.


When purchasing display mannequins for your store, you should consider the type of message that you want your store to relay. The mannequins should be well displayed, with appropriate lighting to highlight them. Expert marketers claim that shoppers exhibit positive reactions to items that are displayed on mannequins, behind glass, or under a spotlight. Mannequins are extremely useful in displaying your store’s theme and attitude, and every fashion retailer should have enough of them for an effective marketing effort.

Common Accessories for Slatwall panels

Slatwall panels are a great marketing tool for retailers, as their unique wall design allows any shop owner to set up product displays in a variety of efficient ways. As products and promotions change, retailers can reorganise the slatwalls with accessories designed to display the current products and promotions. The ability to conveniently move things around and alter displays allows retailers to keep their stores looking new, fresh, and attractive to customers.

Slatwall panels typically measure about 48 inches high and 96 inches wide. They are fitted with rows of groves that give the wall a slatted appearance. There are numerous acrylic and wire fixtures that are fitted in the slats to display nearly any type of product. By having a wide variety of add-ons, accessories, and appliances to insert into the grooves, retailers can create unique sales displays as often as they need to. Common accessories include:

Acrylic Shelves

These are great for displaying merchandise. They are adjustable, depending on where they are installed, and retailers can choose from a variety of styles. Some acrylic shelves have two or three tiers for holding different products. Slatwall shelves come in flat, tray, and sloping angle for easier accommodation of items, which makes them more convenient than the conventional shelving units.

In addition, the shelves can be plain; fitted with a pocket, like for inserting a label describing the item on display; or fitted with a lip to keep the products from sliding off. Depending on the grouping, retailers can display floor models of different items, from shoes to pots and pans.

Poster Frames

Huge, clear acrylic frames help to keep posters clean and crisp, and can be easily hung and removed. Retailers can also quickly change out the posters as needed. Some poster frames are fitted with specially designed pockets on the front for holding brochures or business cards, allowing the frame to perform multiple tasks in the same space. Of course, the graphics draw the first attention, and then customers can leave with product or contact information.


These are among the most common slatwall accessories on the market. They allow you to create a unique display system that facilitates a better view of the merchandise. Some items that can be displayed using slatwall hooks include candles, batteries, chopsticks, and more. Items that use hooks are usually manufactured with a hole on one of the edges for easy display. Other products can be displayed using their packaging, like cell phone accessories, office supplies, and hardware, among others. All of these products can be placed on the hook in a hassle-free manner.

Slatwalls can be used in retail businesses, as well as storage facilities and garages for sorting things accordingly. They are inexpensive and affordable for any type of application.

Slatwall panel accessories give you a system that permits a customised setup display. These fixtures, including shelving, pockets, hooks, and baskets, give you great convenience, as they can serve multiple functions in a store. There are a wide variety of slatwall panel accessories for showcasing different products. The key to making your store look great is choosing the right ones.

Econowall: The UK’s Number One Gridwall Provider

There are a lot of fixtures in buildings, stores, and everywhere else, holding up merchandise for sale and all sorts of other items. However, most people don’t even notice these units. They pass by them every day, even interact with them, and more or less have no idea what they are called. Why bother, they probably figure, since they really aren’t something worth acknowledging. Yet any employee of a store — especially a manager or logistics expert — knows all too well the vast importance of these fixtures. They are meant to be out of mind: present, of course, but virtually invisible.

Gridwall is a fantastic example of this principle. It is designed to be minimum weight, visually non-intrusive, highly functional, versatile, and modular. Essential for displays in shops of all descriptions, gridwall can hold a huge array of items and is neigh omnipresent in retails areas of all kinds.

Versatile, Changing Displays
The nature of commerce is far from static. Just as the market is constantly moving and products never stop evolving, the storefront must also be adaptable and ever changing. The demand for highly versatile and easily changeable displays drove the invention of products such as gridwall, which are lightweight, easy to move, and able to be affixed with a variety of accessories, allowing it to serve a wide variety of purposes.

With a set of gridwall panels and some accessories, it becomes a simple task for stores to create a wide variety of displays and accommodate a vast range of items spanning different sizes, shapes, and display purposes. Browsing through Econowall’s excellent selection of gridwall and accessories, we find all sorts of possibilities for displays and inventory racks. Gridwall can be mounted directly to a wall, or it can be configured on heavy-duty L legs for an easily movable display that can be placed just about anywhere.

About Econowall
Featuring everything a shop owner needs to make a beautiful and elegant storefront; Econowall carries all types of items from mannequins to cash registers. The UK’s one stop shop for shopping baskets, sign displays, clothes rails, shelving, gridwall, and a wide selection of slatwall, Econowall is sure to have something for every store front and every type of business. Browse through their excellent selection, become inspired for great new ideas to enhance your storefront, or get a portrait of exactly what you’ll need to get up and running in your new store.

Believing the manner in which products displayed is one of the most important and integral parts of a business, Econowall specialises in creating highly functional and aesthetically pleasing displays that, put the emphasis on the product and are always designed with the needs of the storefront, customers and employees in mind. Crafted from high quality materials and engineered to be stable and highly functional to endure everyday use and the various abuses of day to day life in the shop, their products are sure to be at home in any storefront.

Take a Look Today!
See for yourself what Econowall has to offer! Take a look at their online store, or contact them if there is something you don’t see.

Using Garden Centre Shelving to Organise Displays

Garden centre shelving is a good display system for setting up a wide range of plants and other items that need to be organised for sale. These versatile shelves make it easier to arrange items so that they will not become damaged; plants that are placed on shelves are not likely to be crushed or stepped on. In addition, garden centre shelving is ideal for placing items so that they can be easily seen and purchased. Instead of looking at all of the plants from above, these shelves place plants at eye level so that it is much easier to find exactly what a customer is looking for with a lot less time and effort.

Sorting Options
When shops use garden centre shelving, they can organise the shelves so that the plants are sorted into groups by type of plant, colour, sun and climate needs, or whatever else is helpful for customers to find them. This makes your selection easy to browse. Customers can choose their plants from the wide range that are set out on the shelves, selecting exactly which plants they want for their home or garden.

The shelves are also perfect because they allow you to stack more plants in a more compact area, increasing the overall display space in a shop. If you want to make the best use out of a small area, garden centre shelving makes it completely possible. The shelves are designed to stack up quite high while supporting the large amount and substantial weight of the plants that are stacked onto them. Shop owners can organise and stack plants in special areas of their store in a designed garden area so that customers know exactly where to find them. A haphazard organisation system is likely to turn off customers and, ultimately, cost you money, as people are not always willing to spend the time to find specific plants when they are in a hurry.

The Customer’s Perspective
Any customer can tell you that it is much easier to find what you are looking for when it is carefully organised into shelving racks that are easy to view and search. When shopping for specific plants or anything for the garden, the entire experience is much more pleasant when the shop is arranged properly and you can see what’s on shelves. You can easily compare all of the available merchandise, see what looks healthiest and most vibrant, and choose the item or items that will suit you best. Indeed, garden centre shelving is an organisation method that helps both the shop owner and the customer in many different ways.

A Final Use
It is also worth noting that this type of shelving can also be useful in a home garage to keep items organised in a way that makes complete sense for the homeowner. Garden centre shelving is ideal for displaying plants and other items as well as storage. It can turn a space that is compact and not overtly useful into an area where many items can be stored in an organised fashion so that everything can be accessed easily.

Factors to Consider When Buying Slatwall Fixtures for Your Shop

As you finalise your retail store construction or remodelling, it is time to start thinking about the fixtures, display cases, and other accessories you’ll need. Retail stores can benefit a lot from utilising commercial strength displays such as retail slatwall and gridwall fixtures. They position your merchandise in your customer’s line of sight and clear out floor space, making it easier for your customers to navigate. They also reduce blind-spots where shoplifters can hide, and make room for any promotional or holiday items that you may have coming in.

But before you settle on the purchase, it is important to gather a few ideas on the layout by visiting several shops in your area. You can do more research online, to see what fixtures fit your budget. There are different types, including ready-made, custom, and used fixtures. Used fixtures will obviously save you money, but custom ones will give you a better match for your space and decor, though they will cost more. So, the best way to decide is by allocating a specific amount to the purchase of fixtures, and then working from there. Some things to consider when purchasing store fixtures include:

Wrap counter

Always start with the most important fixtures, like the wrap counter that will house your cash register. Review your floor design plans and try to visualise where the counter will be positioned, as well as the type of counter that will best fit your type of business or merchandise. There are plenty of options to choose from, including a single register counter with shelves but no frills; a counter with a writing ledge, cash drawer, shelves, and bag slots; or a counter with a register well, cash drawer, and bag slots.

Ready-made vs. custom made

In some cases, it is possible to get custom fixtures for your store for the same price as some ready-made fixtures. Most store fixture suppliers have designers who can help you plan a layout for your shop or work with your architect to install any fixtures, from a unique mahogany display pedestal to a sit-down jewelry display case. There is usually an additional fee for this service that may be included in the cost of the custom-made displays and fixtures.


There are many styles from which to choose, including traditional, contemporary, art deco, antique, and avant-garde, so it is important that you pick one that best communicates the nature of your shop. You can help your designers by showing them images of displays and fittings that you find attractive. Custom fixtures typically require a little more time, so factor this in your opening schedule.


Most shops work with a limited budget, so they usually have to make ready-made fixtures work for them. In this case, use a display/fixture catalogue and your store’s floor plan to design a workable layout of fixtures for your store. You can then discuss this with your designer or salesmen so they can recommend some ready-made standard fixtures that fit your design.

When shopping for fixtures and displays, keep in mind that all items should be purchased to optimise your display space. They should complement your store and at the same time be convenient for your staff. Think of how you will display the merchandise, and more importantly, how your customers will see that merchandise. For the most flexibility with your design, opt for slatwalls, as they can be easily moved and rearranged to provide the most pleasing display possible.