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Flat pack kitchens: what are the benefits?

One of the numerous judgments to be made when picking or planning your new kitchen is whether to have the furniture transported to your door as a wholly assembled ‘rigid’ kitchen or as a ‘ready to assemble’ flat pack kitchen.

When visiting us, it’s always worthwhile asking the question as to how your kitchen will be delivered as it’s not always obvious from inspecting the display alone. Which is a testament to how good and indistinguishable or flat pack kitchens actually are for the sturdier brethren.

Rigid kitchens are assembled in the workshop by typically using the ‘glue and dowel’ technique where all the workings are put in place inside a very precise jig. The assembler then initiates the process and the parts are lightly pressed together. It is then kept in place for a few minutes while the glue starts to set, making certain that each cupboard is flawlessly square before being detached from the jig and onto the next part of the construction route.

Naturally there is an added cost for this process though, as you have to take into consideration that you are also paying for the manufacturers approval and the use if the jig.

Flat pack kitchens also have to be factory-made to the highest standard regardless. As a flat pack kitchen hypothetically may be put together by somebody with no knowledge of building a kitchen from scratch, the tolerances for fabrication have to be extremely precise.

Putting your kitchen together yourself obviously saves you money as well, as long as you have the time to do it yourself. This is where the savings are all made.

Flat Pack kitchen furniture usually employs the ‘Cam and Dowel’ technique and can be evidenced with the dowel pin itself being screwed into the upright vertical panel and the cam being put in place into the horizontal panel, with an easy quarter turn, then they are locked together.

Whether you decide to plump for a flat pack kitchen or not, both the flat pack and rigid versions are equally fit for purpose, it is simply up to the fitter to decide if they have the extra time needed to assemble the flat pack version themselves, and if they would appreciate the saving they make.

Improve the way products are displayed with garden centre shelving

Irrespective of the space or room, everybody has a little they want to display and want to be the centre of attention when new individuals enter that area. Using these wooden wall shelves is one of the best ways to do so especially for garden centers. These shelves are multi-functional and act as the perfect accessory to show off those high grade products within a garden centre. Make sure you don’t scrimp on the shelving quality as this’ll make your high grade products look not so high grade.

Wooden shelves can easily be personalised, making them a fantastic choice if you’re after a exceptional decoration that can provide your taste. The wood used to make these forms of shelving can decrease or improve the function in which the shelf is used. Maybe you have a range of high quality candles or other homely trinkets to display in the indoor section, or perhaps you need some high quality shelving for the outside part of your garden centre shelving to mount those garden ornaments and pots onto? A wooden shelf made from well-patterned and tough hardwood would help you exhibit your stock effectively and allow it to really stand out. A low-grade wood would fail in highlighting any of your stock and could potentially spoil the whole look you’re striving to achieve.

Cherry wood is a good choice for shelves as it is robust, firm and very resistant to having chips taken out which is likely to happen to low grade wood in a garden centre shelving. Shopping for the correct wood type should be your highest priority as it can make or break the point you are using the shelves for and the also generate the foundation of your display in whatever function it’s used for.

Wall shelving is available in numerous sizes to meet more practical needs. These shelves can even hold devices like TVs with sturdy mounting in place, aiding you in keeping cupboards and desks clear of any mess. Subject to how the mounting is done, you can accomplish a floating wall shelving in your garden center too.

You also need to think through whether the wall shelving will decrease the mess and help you save space. Wall shelving allows you to put things up out of the way, and store them correctly, keeping your areas spotless and controlled. Since these shelves can be used in numerous ways, you can keep your collections of items as one to create many themes to accompany the garden center’s interior.

Whether you want to show off your collections to your customers or you just want to de-clutter and save yourself some space, using the correct garden centre shelving for your garden center is one of your best options. Mounting wall shelves in your rooms and spaces will help you fill vacant wall space and save money too as they’re a lot cheaper and easy to maintain when compared to counters or cupboards.

Slatwall – What is it and how you can use it

Here at Econowall we have an extensive choice of slatwall panels accessible for you to choose from in a multitude of hues and dimensions. If a basic colouredslatwall panel isn’t up your street, then maybe you should contemplate a snowy, silver, or mirrored effect? Or perhaps black panels would be more suitable? Whatever it is you are considering, Econowall no doubt has the right slatwall panels and accessories you’ll need.

Types of Slatwall

Not only do we have an assortment of slatwall panels to choose from, we also have a diverse collection of slatwall-gondolas, metal fixtures and acrylic trimmings available that will show off your products to their fullest. We present slatwallpanelling in a few sizes to suit any retail setting. We’re positive that you’ll find the ideal products here.

Uses of Slatwall

Slatwall is frequently used to generate a fast, reasonably priced, and fashionable retail display, which can be rapidly transformed to suit your product collection and style you have in your store. Get yourself some slatwallfittings such as acrylic shelving, clothing bars and euro hooks, to generate an appropriate retail display.


These slatwall units are popular items and there fare frequently high in stock levels, so you are almost sure to get the amount you want. They are available for fast delivery too if you need it. If you have any queries concerning the slatwall range and how they are transported, contact the Econowall sales team where we’ll be pleased to help you.

Purchasing Slatwall

Pick the slatwall panel to suit you and at it to your trolley today. Fill out your specifics online or get in touch over the phone and let our well trained sales and warehouse teams manage the rest. If you are looking for goods to compliment the slatwall, then why not think about some acrylic slatwallshelving or a set of slatwall hooks. On the other hand, there are plenty more things to choose from in the rest of our shelving and racking range.

Slatwall Panels have been around for a long time now, and are a main-stay product for retail displays.

All of our Slatwall Panels are manufactured right here in the UK from European grade 18mm MDF. Slatwall as the name suggests is designed to be mounted on your walls. Then you select from our range of Slatwall Accessories for the right add-on for the products you want to display.

As mentioned we use 18mm thick MDF, this gives you a strong and durable product. The front finishes are available in plain matt colours or wood grain finishes. These are all melamine. We all know that melamine is a hard wearing finish and also makes our Slatwall Panels wipe-clean letting you easily keep them looking good in your shop.

Improve the way you present goods using chrome wire shelving

Chrome wire shelving is an outstanding way of stowing away or presenting goods in a proficient and organised way. Chrome wire shelving is effortless to assemble and sparkling which is why they make for a favourite amongst a variety of uses, all of which the shelving is suitable for.

Our Chrome Wire Shelving is one of the most multipurpose storage and display structures in the marketplace. It’s perfect for the broadest variety of uses including home and office use. Its retail applications are fulfilled at both point of sale areas and in the stockroom too. The flexibility of the accessory is perfect for segmental display applications on display stands. And the outstanding ventilation lends itself to the loading of server racks and mainframe work stations as well as dry food, tableware, washing and clothes storage. The diversity of height choices also fits with reorganising the garage or shed.

Pick from our variety of ready packages which contain all you’ll need, right in one place. You can also build your own chrome wire shelving unit from the bottom up. Simply select the posts, and then add the shelves or baskets you want… easy.

Chrome Wire shelving accessories including: Shelf Partitions, Wine Racks, Cantilever/ Slanted Shelving, Clothing & Utility Rails, Trolley Grips, Castors, and Rear grid panels to start. These are all ideal for local office or merchandising applications. All fixtures are intended to fit within both Chrome Wire shelving and Extension Coves.

If you need to order something bespoke or special please call us on 01621 774732. We will then place your item in this category ready for you to buy securely online.

It’s right to shop around for products you are looking to buy. We monitor our prices daily against our competitors to make sure we are offering our customers the best possible value.
As we are a manufacturer of Slatwall we know we can offer the best value Slat Panels you will find, and this is backed up by our excellent customer service experience.

Do display mannequins reflect real life body sizes?

For a few days now, tens of thousands of people who follow the news about women’s rights has been fixated on a clothing store in Sweden. Specifically on two display mannequins in the women’s underwear department.

It’s not the undergarments themselves the two display mannequins are wearing that’s reaped so much response, but the fact that the two fashion figures are ‘full figured’ including sizes that approximate lenient stomachs, fuller thighs and usually more realistic sizes than traditional department store mock-ups. Most display mannequins, at least in the US, range between slim sizes 4 to 6, while American women typically fit a size 14.

A blogger at Women’s Rights News displayed a photo of the display mannequins on Facebook and had received nearly 57,000 Facebook likes within four days. More than 17,000 individuals had shared the photo with others and just over 3,000 people had remarked on the photo.

By far, the majority of those who remarked on the mannequin display liked what they saw by saying the displays looked beautiful with no bones sticking out and just how realistic they look. One commenter also stated, “I suddenly feel less self-loathing.” While this may seem a bit dramatic and a kneejerk reaction, many of the responses seem to be of a similar vein, with most commenters foreseeing a positive change in regards to how the perceived model female is built.

One user said it was, “About time. Most people don’t look like the mannequins in the shops. They are too skinny and it discourages me from purchasing from a lot of stores because I won’t look like that in the clothing shown in the window.

Display mannequins have actually been in use for thousands of years, but only appeared in shop window fashion displays in the 19th century era during the Industrial Revolution. Modern-day display mannequins have long been slated for having minuscule proportions. In 2007, British health officials called for stores in London’s high-fashion district to stop displaying these uber-thin models. Club Monaco felt the ton of bricks fall upon them via the women’s rights movement in 2010 when it presented mannequins with bulging spines and clavicles.

Creating a truly unique shop display with gridwall

Gridwall is one of the most common store displays accessible because of its flexibility, functionality, unique look, sturdiness, and affordability. Gridwall presentations offer retailers a sparkling and open look. Gridwall is a grid built from ¼ inch diameter wire organised in 3 inch squares and joined at crossover points for added durability. Gridwall panels are easy to bring together and the panels can be attached on walls or used as a floor display in diverse configurations. Gridwall can be paired with a host of grid accessories to display and sell almost anything.

Accessories for Gridwall consist of a large variety of hooks, shelves and racks such as face-outs, carriers and more. Due to its wire grid construction, Gridwall is very robust; able to support large merchandise. Gridwall is often used to exhibit clothing as well as tools, shoes or other large items. Smaller hooks can be used to show smaller items, such as jewellery, caps, belts, shades or purses.

When fixed to walls, Gridwall offers space-saving handiness. Retailers enjoy Gridwall panel displays because it helps to entice patrons to parts of the store that they may not have visited. Another benefit of gridwall displays is the fact they are transparent. Customers can see other exhibitions and choices in your store. Furthermore, store owners and workers can better observe store commotion.

Gridwall and accessories for it, are popular store fixtures for Clothing Shops, Pet Shops, Halloween Shops, Shoe Shops, Sporting Goods Shops, Toy Shops, Drugstores, Computer and Electronic Shops etc. Also, Gridwall are perfect for fair displays, and for showing off other creative works.

Finally, proving how versatile this stuff really is, you can add legs and bases to grid panels as well as clips to secure two or more grid panels to generate free standing floor exhibits. As grid panels are light-weight they can be repositioned and sited anywhere you need them with ease. You can attach the grid panels around columns in your store, into corners or other awkward shaped areas. You can also place grid panels below other shelving.

Retailers often use grid displays for popup shops you often see in London and other busy cities with many passers-by. It mostly takes mere minutes to assemble and disassemble standing grid displays. Similarly, because they are thin and transportable, they don’t take up much space making it easy to stow away the gridwall panels until you need them again.


Enhance product visibility with chrome wire shelving

Chrome wire shelving is an outstanding way of storing or displaying products in a professional and ordered manner. Chrome shelving is stress-free to put together and clean which is why they are the favourite type of shelving for a variety of practical reasons.

This type of shelving is one of our most popular. Chrome Wire Shelving is the invention all shops are currently after. From kitchen outlets to office supplies, whatever shop you have this shelving will look excellent. Mass-produced from quality steel with a mirror like chrome surface, our wire shelving looks stunning and is very robust. It’s suitable for cooking stores, pet shops, fashion shops, stationers, and shoe shops.

Chrome wire shelving offers spectacular value for money and outstanding quality combined. It’s hard wearing and offers an even snag-free quality.

Chrome Wire Shelving is an outstanding storage answer for enhanced product visibility too, On top of that it’s also intended to acquire less dampness and reduce the settling of dust on the shelf exterior. It’s very easy to put together and the speediness of its build process will see your chrome wire shelves up and running in mere minutes.

Our range of Chrome Wire Shelving are delivered flat packed so this means they are small enough items to allow us to deliver them by parcel carrier. Delivery for 1-3 boxes will be handled by parcel carrier, orders larger than 3 boxes will require a small pallet delivery.
If you are ordering your metal shop shelving at the same time as larger items that require pallet delivery, then to save you money, we will include them on that delivery for you rather than charge you for a separate delivery.

Delivery costs for 1-3 boxes is a parcel rate of £16.50 for most UK delivery areas. For more than 3 boxes or non-mainland delivery areas, please add all the items you require to the shopping basket, click on view basket and you can easily calculate your personal delivery cost from there.

Parcel Delivery Information:

• We use one of the largest parcel carriers in the country
• The driver will deliver the items to your door
• Items will be well packaged in boxes
• Please check all items before signing for the delivery. If you sign for everything as ‘ok’ we will be unable to claim for replacements should you have damages.

Save space using slatwall solutions for your shop.

Slatwall panels offer a cheap and adaptable solution for all your retail display needs and are predominantly helpful for smaller shops, where space is scarce. Slatwall can be reapplied elsewhere quickly and easily and some pioneering retailers are even finding ways to modify their slatwall displays by given them new looks for every season.

Slatwall panels come in a range of hues and special effects, but while white continues to be the most popular choice, there’s been an increase in customised displays where artistic retailers have decided on these great value MDF panels and then painted and altered them slightly to fit in with the theme of their store. Panels have sometimes been cut into eye-catching forms such as plants or clouds to spectacular effect, while other people have adorned them inside closets or even inside picture frames.

Econowall also offer smaller sized slatwalls too. Such a size means they are effortlessly moveable, so they can be taken to fairs and pop up shops, and it also means the panels can be cut minus worrying about extra waste.

Retailers can simply buy a readymade double sided gondola with slatwall panelling, or a rotating tower which is an excellent choice for high density exhibitions where space is snug. The same choice of textures applies, and all sorts of creative hanging formations can be fashioned with the fittings.

The range of slatwall fixtures is now so extensive and the fittings so reasonable that even impoverished retailers can have enough money to revive their displays frequently and with comparative easiness. Generally speaking, fittings have a tendency to be either metal or acrylic. You can completely change the look of a display by exchanging the two.

Metal slatwall fittings tend to lend themselves more to dangling pieces. Choose from racks and rails that allow products to be hung in solid volumes, with a clear ticket indicator at the end. Or opt for arms with nicks or pins that ensure items such as clothing remain hung equal distance apart to allow for easier glancing and less crushing of the clothes.

Acrylic slatwall fittings enlarge your display choices even more. Use these to merchandise in tiered racks, compartment bins or even just to add light shelving, which allows a side view of shoes as an example, so that they look like they are detached from the wall.

Re-arranging goods and displays is a guaranteed way to encourage more customers, so do check out the newest ranges of fittings to see how you could exploit your wares their utmost. At Econowall we stock many various types of fitting. Some of them are so space efficient that you could even expand your range of stock too.

The importance of having the right retail mannequins in your store display

Visual retailing is the knack of tempting customers and persuading purchases using visual displays. Retail Mannequins have long been an indispensable means of this visual marketing method. They can be utilised to generate visually striking, unique displays that can boost your business.

Mannequins are well thought to be one of the most valuable parts of visual merchandising. Many fashion trends can look gloomy or unappealing when exhibited on clothes hangers, whereas displaying clothes on a retail mannequin helps the patrons to see what the clothes would look like on a person. Outfits can also be composed onto a mannequin, along with jewellery and handbags. This is advantageous in giving the customer fashion stimulus.

Nowadays, retail mannequins come in all shapes and sizes, and male and female mannequins are similarly popular. The days where they only imitated the ‘ideal’ body shape are long gone. Mannequins can aid people of all shapes and sizes see what garments will look like on them.

It’s vital that the retail mannequins in your store are exhibited well. Reflect on the message that you want your department store to give, and reproduce that in the mannequin presentation. Contemplate using spotlights to emphasise your mannequins. Customers tend to have positive responses to things that are well lit or demonstrated on mannequins, so having a good display could really improve sales.

Retail mannequins are also extremely useful in demonstrating a store’s signature and outlook. No fashion retailer should be deprived of them.

Our great ranges of male shop display mannequins are all held in stock right here in the UK. This means we can get them to you much quicker than some other online suppliers who ship them directly from china to you.
Econowall mannequins all come with a sturdy, high quality metal base with a metal calf spike fitting. This means they will stand without wobbling and also able to wear heavy garments like leather jackets.

Our range of Mannequins are small enough items to allow us to deliver them by parcel carrier. Delivery for 1-3 mannequins with be handled by parcel carrier, orders larger than 3 mannequins will require a small pallet delivery.
If you are ordering your mannequins at the same time as larger items that require pallet delivery, then to save you money, we will include them on that delivery for you rather than charge you for a separate delivery.

How can you use a slatwall panel for?

Slatwall also known as Slatwall parts are typically built from medium density fibre. Horizontal channels usually 15mm wide are machined into the board sections and are completed with plastic or aluminium insets of the same typical size.  Aluminium is more often used when more sturdiness is required. The slatwall boards can be polished in a huge range of colours or glosses according to the colour and style requirements you wish for.

The indentations are able to take many varieties of accessories including pegs, clothing railings, supports, shoe trays and racks, ledges, magazine racks and many more options are usually available in metal and acrylic. They offer distinctive and totally versatile display arrangements for many different kinds of goods.

When planning a retail store, one of the most vital aspects to consider is a multipurpose product display that enables easy alteration as often as needed. As space is typically scarce, making use of wall space for sales and item exhibition is crucial and can ensure the residual floor space is less jumbled, providing clients with that roomy feel even in smaller shops.

Slatwall fixtures are the perfect solution for all types of shops and the choices include revolving gondola’s, stationary gondola’s, shelves and other self-supporting choices. Also usingslatwall fittings on walls guarantees a unified finish across a retail space, as all pieces can be colour co-ordinated or themed to be flawlessly matching in colour and appearance.

Slatwall is textbook for presentations of small or large products and this is one of the key points to its functionality, it can be transformed limitlessly with the different types of fittings and add-ons to put up different types of stock across a huge range of sizes and designs.

For fashion and clothing stores, the slatwall offers the picture-perfect base for merchandise display. Allowing the store to sell its stock exactly as it desires. Clothing items can be exhibited as an outfit with suitable accessories including belts, bags, shoes and trinkets which can also revealed next to the objects on sale. This gives the vendor the chance to intensify add-on sales as they can show off a whole new look all together.

The Slatwall arrangement makes it easy to alter the rails and clothing hooks suitably to different lengths of garments. So it is very straightforward to make changes to the display as new stock arrives in store.