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Shop Fitters to Redesign your Convenience Store

Barwell 5Have you ever considered running your own Convenience Store? A recent study by the Association of Convenience Stores found that “having the day to day essentials available within a ten minute walk of home was the most important driver of satisfaction” by a staggering 76 per cent of the people surveyed. Whilst, the larger supermarket chains may be useful for the weekly shop, convenience stores play an important role in the stocking up of day to day essentials. If you are considering setting up your own Arkwright Empire the survey found that around 10 million Britons visit convenience stores daily to stock up!

Contacting your local council or local estate agent might be the best place to start. You need to consider carefully location. What estates or area is your shop going to serve? Who are your clientele? What are their needs as a community? What are they likely to buy?

Once you have leased the property, the crucial part is considering the purchase of shop fittings. You need to consider the layout which will include display shop fittings and counter from which you will sell your wares. What atmosphere do you want to create in your shop: Small and friendly, or big and well stocked with a range of everyday essentials?

Once these initial decisions are made regarding your vision for the Convenience Empire you are creating, you need to ensure you hire experienced and knowledgeable Convenience store shop fitters. A good company should be able to assist you in choosing eye-catching and carefully thought out shop fittings that will draw in your customers.

The experienced Convenience store shop fitters will manage your project from design to completion. Look for shop fitters who are able to also carry out any building work should it be required and can deal in retail electrics. The company may also provide a commercial plumbing service. Knowledgeable companies should also be able to recommend or deal with the sourcing of retail equipment and display shop fittings, ensuring they are tailored to your requirements.

Next on the agenda is stock. The modern convenience store can trace its humble origins back to the grocers of the pre-supermarket era. Key to success is stocking a wide range of food and household items on a smaller scale than the supermarket. Think mini-market. Popular items with convenience store users are inevitably cigarettes, alcohol and newspapers. With the decline of the local Post Office, sometimes convenience stores can be the lifeline of the community, providing bill paying services like Pay Point, acting as a parcel or mail distribution agent, offering a faxing and copying service, or if creating a sufficient turn over can even provide a cash machine or cash back service. When you consider what service you will aim to provide your customers with you should consider how the layout and shop fittings will lend themselves to such endeavours.

With 10 million of us visiting Convenience stores in the UK daily: running one could be an exciting and lucrative challenge!

How to Arrange your Slatwall Displays

mirror-slatwall-panelIn an ever changing world where the internet shopping experience versus the High Street, local businesses have to appeal to the shopper, luring them into their little cavern of treasures. Indeed, there is nothing quite like the old fashioned appeal of an eye catching window display or the layout of a well stocked shop. This guide will tell you how to make the best of that all important window display and how to layout your shop to have the best kerb side appeal.

The lure of any successful high street shop is that all important window display. Your window needs to tell a story. It needs depth and height. It needs shapes and space. Much of this can be achieved through building mounts for Slatwalls, which are made from functional MDF and come in a range of colours and sizes, which can create a particular mood or effect. First, create the picture box effect, which draws the customer in. The window feature creates that all important first impression. Slatwall displays can form the very background on which, an idea or vision is built.

Next, consider the first display they will come to in the shop. It needs to stop your customer in their tracks and allow them to ponder, browse and consider, before advancing throughout the rest of your boutique. Again, consider how Slatwalls can add depth, height and colour with their range of shades and accessories, such as: hooks, sloping or straight arms, hanging rails, gift wrap holders, pictures hooks, shoe shelves, mounting battens and baskets. The list of versatile display options seems limitless in creating that eye catching and show stopping first display.

Psychology itself plays an important role in how we arrange the shopping experience for our customers. You need to lead them in the shop to the right hand side and then take them on a journey through your boutique. The natural human condition is to read left to right and therefore the customers eyes with sweep left to right throughout your shop. Arrange your Slatwall displays on your stands with this in mind. Take them on a journey which appeals to their sense and takes their skimming over your entire product range. Sometimes placing your aisles on an angle creates a new dimension, instead of playing safe with linear rows, bringing your aisles almost into an arrow point, with the most costly products displayed on the ultimate bright and eye catching last wall of the shop.

Height and depth are such important factors in keeping a customer’s interest as they move through the shopping experience. Do not hesitate to experiment with different colours of Slatwall Panels and display accessories. Don’t be afraid to create breaks within the aisles rather than create monotonous rows, so those all important sellers really stand out. U shapes aisles or “hugs” as they are known in the trade; create the feeling of security and cosiness in a shop environment, complemented in warm colours.

Retail mannequins: Weird or Wonderful?

4d901b2b33c5faa20d6c944b697ea3ccWhen setting up a clothing store, many store managers and owners overlook the simple but significant impact display mannequins have on both the appearance of the shop but even the clothes themselves.

We have all seen images of creepy mannequins, either the fact is not quite right or the choice of wig (or maybe because there is no wig) cases the mannequin to look not only out of place but visually disturbing. Maybe the eyes are not quite centre, or by adding pupils you may have unintentionally off putted your potential customers. High quality (non-creepy) retail mannequins are 100% necessary to draw in potential customers, as well as showing your products in the best possible light.

There is a not so steady balance when it comes to how realistic your mannequin should look. Too realistic, then you risk someone finding the mannequin unsettling, too abstract and then you have the same problem!  The same goes for when retail mannequins are made of an inferior plastic, is makes the mannequin look cheap on top of being ‘off’ meaning that the clothes it is showcasing also look cheap.

For these reasons most retailers choose to use Fibreglass mannequins, especially as they come in both Matt and Gloss finishes, meaning that they can fit into almost any retail environment. Fibreglass mannequins typically come in three different colours: tanned, white and black. My recommendation is that if you choose to go with display mannequins with a take on a skin tone, you accompany it with some form of wig to lower the amount of ‘eeriness’ that customers may feel.

Some retailers also choose to use Chrome display mannequins, preferring to go the Eco-Plastic route as it typically can take a little bit more wear and tear. Eco-plastic is also, as the name suggests, eco-friendly as it is actually made out of recycled plastic and is popular among retailers who want to reduce the size of their store’s carbon footprint.

Another important choice that you will have to make it whether you would like a full sized mannequin or whether you want your mannequin to exhibit a particular product; ie just a lower body or torso. If you stock clothing for different genders and ages then you may choose to branch out with the variety of mannequin you use within your store.

Our great ranges of shop display mannequins are all held in stock right here in the UK. This means we can get them to you much quicker than some other online suppliers who ship them directly from china to you. Econowall mannequins all come with a sturdy, high quality base with a metal calf spike fitting which means that they will stand without wobbling, making them more hardy.

What do you know about Slatwall?

beech-slatwall-panelsHow much do you know about how slatwall and slatwall displays are made or even what they are made out of?

Slatwall became really popular for retail displays in the mid to late 70s where several large manufactures sprang up. The product has been marketed under a number of trade names over the years such as: Bracket Board, Slotwall, Slot-Walland Slat Board. However, slatwall has become the most recognized name for the product regardless of manufacturer.

As its popularity has continued to grow, more varieties of the initial slatwall display have been developed. However, did you know that the demand for slatwall actually spurred the development of high speed production machines and diamond tooling; meaning that typically a standard slatwall panel can be produced in 32 seconds. When slatwall was first produced it was all done by hand, meaning that sometimes it took a whole day to create a single panel, as you can imagine, this meant that the production of the slatwall was expensive- meaning that the final product was as well!

These days slatwall is typically either made with lower quality Chinese MDF or from higher, thicker grade European MDF. Though the first may be slightly cheaper, it is more likely to warp and you can ensure that it comes from sustainable sources. European MDF is more capable of holding heavier weights, and the final product also looks like a much high quality.

You can choose to either mount slatwall panels directly on your wall or you can get free-standing slatwall gondolas which, as the name suggests, can be placed anywhere in your store and are made from slatwall panels. Depending on the size and shape of your store either one of these options could help transform your store, giving you endless numbers of options to display your stock.

You can buy additional slatwall shelving or other forms of compatible shelving (such as glass or acrylic) to fit into your existing slatwall- giving you even more versatility when it comes to rearranging you shelves or stock.

The most popular size we sell are 1200x1200mm (4 feet by 4 feet) with each panel having 12 slots each spaced 100mm (4 inches) apart. This size of Slatwall Panel is cheaper to deliver, and, if you are doing the work yourself, much easier to install. Our 1200x1200mm Panels weigh 18kg each and require half a pack of our Slatwall Inserts to fully secure them in place.

The other size of Slatwall Panel that we offer at Econowall is 2400x1200mm (8 feet by 4 feet). If you are looking to cover a large area in your shop with Slatwall as you get the most coverage using the smallest amount of panels, this is typically used for entire wall slatwall displays. 2400×1200 Slatwall Panels are available in 2 different orientations. You have them 2400mm high by 1200mm wide or ‘Portrait’ and will mean you have 23 slots each one spaced 100mm apart or have your panels ‘Landscape’ and will give you 12 slots along the width each one 2400mm long. Each 2400×1200 Slatwall Panel will require 1 pack of our Slatwall Inserts whichever orientation you choose, and each panel will weigh 38kg.


Does your Shop Shelving Need an Update?

slatwall-shop-glass-shelvesI recently decided that it was time for my little shop just outside Brighton to get a bit of an uplift. My old shop shelving was starting to look a little run down and they were increasingly becoming less sturdy.

I decided to update the entire look of my store by using a mix of glass shelving and free standing slatwall ‘gondolas’, as not only did this give my store a more modern look but it gave me an increased flexibility for when I want to rearrange my stock. I mainly stock jewellery so the glass shop shelving should really help to make them stand out, no matter what colours I choose to put where. The slatwall base gives me the option to change where I place my new shelving, changing it when I get new stock in or want to create a new display.

The glass shop shelving that I chose to go with is 5mm thick and the glass has been toughened so that it can take general wear and tear, however, I wouldn’t recommend anyone who is planning on displaying heavy objects to use glass shelving. The edges have all been polished to create extra shine, and the shelving in general really helps my store to look brighter, making the most of the light we have!

The shelf brackets have these 2 little suction cups which hold the shelf on to it. All I had to do is place the shelf bracket into the slots in my slatwall panels, then place the shelf on top of the brackets. It only took a small amount of pressure to make sure that the suction cups were able to take hold of the shelf, all in all, very easy to set up and change as and when I need too!

Since I had changed the slatwall gondolas to a lighter colour of wood, I felt that my shop counter could do with a bit of an update as well. The company where I brought my slatwall and glass shelves from also had an offer for free delivery on shop counters and the offered a wide variety of options when it came to the type of counter I wanted. They also make all their gondolas and shop counters too order, so I knew that I was going to receive a premium product, and I was not disappointed! Because they are custom made, I was able to choose a different edging colour that, I feel, really compliments the entire appearance of my store.

I chose to get the simple cash and wrap counter, as this was the main purpose I had in mind, however, the offer counters that are better suited to further displaying products as well. They can even make these counters as a corner unit to help best fill your space. The counter that I choose was also available in two different widths and you can add additional rear doors to give you extra storage areas and locks so you can lock them!

I have had all my new shop décor for a month now and, so far, have had no problems with either quality or damage. Hopefully they will last me for a good couple of years yet!

Add Some Colour to your Store with Slatwall Panels

red-slatwall-panelsIt is official, winter is behind us! This means that it is high time to say goodbye to the dreary shop interiors that seem to pop up every winter and introduce a bit of colour to your store!

A great way to brighten up your store interior is to get interchangeable slatwall panels

as they can be brought out year after year to match the change of the seasons. Depending on the type of slatwall that you have in your retail store, you can have freestanding or moveable shelving units, making it easier for you to alternate the layout of your store and products.

Slatwall have the unique feature of being fully versatile, no matter what shape and finish that you choose to use! All you need to do is alter the position of the shelves or hooks on that slatwall and you can display a whole new different type of product. This is great if you are a small retailer with a high turnover of the types and sizes of products that you offer as you can display different sized products within the same display with no real difficulty!

But what colour should you go for when trying to give your customers a taste of spring? Slatwall is available in all types of finishes, ranging from wood to metal, and can come in every colour under the sun. You can even get a mirrored slatwall panel to accompany the rest of the products in your display, making your store feel larger and taking advantage of any form of lighting on the shop floor.

But which colours specifically shout spring?

  • Light yellow is said to represent freshness, and joy, and is a light colour that echoes the airy feeling people associate with spring
  • Olive green is the traditional colour of peace where more aqua tones have a connection with emotional healing and protection
  • Light blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body and has actually been proven to slow your metabolism and produces a calming effect as it is strongly associated with tranquillity and calmness
  • In advertising, white is associated with coolness and cleanliness because it is the colour of snow. You can use white to suggest simplicity in high-tech products
  • Wooden finishes can also create a fresh feel to a retail display as is echoes the new growth that happens in spring and is usually quite a light colour which again makes a space seem a lot bigger than bolder colours can, it also makes a better backdrop to products as it helps make them standout more and appear more comforting and natural

Many places will offer to give you swatches or test panels so you can see which colours and finishes work best in your retail space, don’t be afraid to do your research beforehand. There are plenty of inferior types of slatwall panels out there, make sure that you don’t get fooled into purchasing the Chinese MDF that seems to be all over the market!

Slatwall Displays

537674389_oIf you are looking for slatwall panels and slatwall displays, then you have come to one of the leaders in the area. Our company has more than a decade in the retail fixture business. We have thousands of retail clients who come to us for slatwall and other store fixtures throughout the entire country. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and our superior customer service.

When you order slatwall, it comes in 4 x 8 sheets, and the grooves run parallel to the 8′ direction. The grooves are spaced three inches apart at the centre.

Slat wall panels are a great way to convert your establishment’s walls into usable display space. Our display panels come paint ready, or you can use them as they are. Our slatwall display panels come in white, black, grey, maple, cherry or mahogany, if you would rather not have a paint ready set of panels.

Our company also offers a full range of hardware and accessories for you to use with your slatwall panels. These include:

  • Metal slatwall inserts
  • Colour slatwall inserts
  • Slatwall straight arm
  • Slatwall 6 Ball Waterfall
  • Slatwall shelf bracket
  • Slatwall 6 hook Waterfall
  • Slatwall hooks
  • Slatwall hat display
  • Slatwall picture frame hook
  • Slatwall basket
  • Slatwall cap holder
  • Slatwall sign holder
  • Slatwall brochure holder

You may also have heard of slatwall by the terms slate-board, slotwall or display wall. One of the attractive features of slatwall is its versatility. When you order our slatwall system, you receive panels that have the highest in manufacturing quality, and our variety of finishes and colours are among the biggest in the industry. We are confident that you will find the display options that you want among our stock. If you need to be able to hold extra weight on your display, we offer inserts as an extra option. If you want colour grooves, we also offer that as an option. No matter what you need as far as hardware, panels and other accessories, we have the products that you need.

We understand how important it is for you as a business owner to receive your slatwall panels in a punctual manner. To accommodate the needs of our clients, we offer same day shipping on our complete line of panels, as well as all accessories and hardware. Because of our nationwide network of distribution points, we are able to keep your shipping costs low while your delivery times remain fast.

No matter whether you are looking for a brand new set of slatwall panels for a new business, hardware and accessories for your existing system, or a complete overhaul of a store that has started to show its wear, we have the panels and accessories that will work for you. If you need a speedy delivery to your location our company offers same day shipping.

Please give one of our customer service representatives a call today so that we can help you determine the best slatwall system for your needs (or help you with a quick order of accessories). That way we can get your order out the door and on the way to you! You can also order our complete line of products online.

Supermarket Shelving

71bcaade7211b258a4db2cdf4fc3348bIf you own or manage a supermarket or grocery store, one of the best ways to boost sales is to optimise the layout of your items for sale. There are a variety of metal shop shelving units, supermarket shelving wall units, end cap displays, bakery stands, wire racks and baskets, and other types of displays. These fixtures can not only help you get the most out of your space throughout the store, but you can also guide traffic so that you get more customers through your space efficiently. When customers feel the freedom to go from one aisle to the next without being caught in a jam, they will enjoy the shopping experience more — leading to higher revenues — and they will also be able to see more (and buy more) of the products you have for sale.

When you are planning your shop shelving layout, positioning bakery display stands, wire shelving, counters, gridwall and other materials and is the most important decision that you can make.
Our mission is to help supermarkets and shops with the top quality in store displays and fixtures at an affordable price. Shops and supermarkets ranging in size from corner convenience stores to large supermarkets use our shelving and fixtures.

About Supermarket Shelving

We are one of the leaders in our market, providing shop shelving units in metal, chrome and wire. Our clients use our products because of their versatility and durability. The metal shelving units consist of heavy duty steel, and each shelf can hold as much as 500 pounds of merchandise. You can position our shelving units at an angle or straight, and you can make adjustments in increments of one inch, permitting the most display per shelving unit. Our larger supermarket shelving units are available for mounting on a wall, standing alone with two sides, as well as an end cap units. These end cap units provide a major boost for products that you want to give your shoppers multiple options to find as they go through your store. Customers see them without having to turn down a particular aisle as well as near the checkout stands, so that they have maximum exposure. Another way to boost exposure of a particular product in supermarket shelving is to place them at eye level on the aisles, rather than in the top or bottom shelves. We also offer four-way merchandising units for you to place in open spaces in your store, as in the area between the aisles and the wall units. These units allow four different sides for display.

Whether you are looking for supermarket shelving or shop shelving, our company offers a number of options to allow you to choose which products to emphasize and the best presentation options for each of those products. Our supermarket design consultants stand ready to help you put your store display together. Visit our website or call one of our professionals directly to get the best ideas for your store. You stand to increase your sales and profits and make your store a much more inviting place to visit.

Slatwalls and Home Improvement

3019be4b4df401af1283951ab72ec671If you are looking to boost the value of your home, slatwall panels can help you turn your garage from a liability into a plus. When you put your house on the market, and people start to tour your home, they will be taking a look in all of your living areas. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend a lot of time and money staging your living areas, kitchen and bedrooms only to have a disorganized mess out in the garage. Putting slatwall in along one or more of the walls gives you a chance to organize all of your belongings out there and impress people touring the property.

Very few people intend to end up with a messy garage. However, after a few yard projects, your lawnmower and weed eater can end up sprawling in new places, and when you spend a few weeks putting together that full-length mirror for your sister-in-law or building that bookshelf for your son, if you don’t have easy places to put everything back, it’s easy to leave things in a mess. You can buy a bunch of portable plastic shelves, but those will sag over time, leaving you with shelves that roll along in a wave instead of sitting nice and flat. You won’t run into that difficulty with slatwall, because it mounts right to your studs and holds the weight much more reliably.

Once your slatwall panels are on the wall, you have a number of choices. You can install some metal brackets into the slats that will hold horizontal shelves, or you can install some rods that will come out perpendicular from the wall, so that you can hang some of your tools on them. This means that you can customize your garage storage solutions to your individual needs.

Are you training for a triathlon? Then you likely have a lot of gear that you need to keep in one place. You can hang a couple of rods from one of the higher slots and use that area to hang your wetsuit after you’ve put it through the wash or after a swim. A couple of other rods will give you a place to hang your tri bike, and then you can put in a set of shelves nearby to hold your cycling accessories and repair tools.

Is one of your hobbies mosaic-making? You can put in one shelf about waist high to give yourself a workspace and then put modular shelves above it to the sides of all of your tiles, grout, glue, nippers and other tools of the trade. The only limit when it comes to slatwall installation is your creativity.

The resin finish on many slatwall panels means that you won’t have to deal with much flaking or chipping, and most coatings are flame-retardant, giving your home an extra layer of protection. In comparison with many of the other shelving options available to you, slatwall is one of the most attractive and durable choices out there. Talk to a home improvement consultant about how slatwall panels can transform your garage!

Slatwall Panels from Econowall

silver-slatwall-panelsAt Econowall we specialise in providing slatwalls for shop installations; with a range of slatwall panels available in two different sizes and a variety of colours, choose from 1200mmx1200mm and 2400mmx1200mm slatwall panels to suit your particular needs; manufactured in the UK and delivered direct to your site. Easy to install and made from high quality MDF made in Europe, our slatwall panels are designed to be installed on the wall, with a number of slatwall accessories available to choose from for the perfect configuration in your store; our slatwall range is a flexible storage solution, providing a choice of options with our add-on slatwall accessories for you to order from our online store.

Available in wood finishes and plain colours, with 12 slots spaced 10cm apart; our slatwall panels can be installed with a half pack of slatwall inserts available to order online. Our larger option of slatwall panel is the perfect solution for bigger surface areas; maximising the potential to showcase stock on your shop floor; providing increased coverage with the minimum number of panels, and the option to install the slatwall panels in two alternate orientations; portrait with 23 slots each spaced at 10cm intervals, or landscape; with 12 slots widthways, at 240cm.

All Econowall slatwall inserts are delivered to nationwide addresses, shipping direct to your door, flat packed on a pallet, ready for install in your chosen configuration and orientation, with our easy to follow slatwall installation guide available from our website, providing handy tips and information for erecting your slatwall panels.

When ordering your slatwall panels from us, you can also choose from a selection of 120cm slatwall insert profiles, available in packs of 23 units, manufactured in the UK from PVC, in a range of colours including white, blue, brown, grey, green, burgundy, cream, black, silver, yellow, red, pink, aluminium and mirrored colour options. Our slatwall pro finishing trims provide a professional edge to your installed slatwall solution; available in white, grey, cream and black PVC or aluminium finishes; our range of slatwall end cap pro trims clip over the slatwall panel, concealing the MDF edge underneath; providing a high quality professional finish to your installed slatwall product.

As well as our range of slatwall panels, inserts and pro trims, we also provide slatwall hooks and accessories, and our premium range of slatwall gondola stands, slatwall shelves, MDF sheets and special slot slatwalls; we have a range of slatwall panels and products that provide the perfect backdrop for your merchandise.